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Moving to Full Body

Hello All,

I’m getting back into competitive swimming and for the next few months have set a side 3 days per week to weight train while I have 2 set aside for swimming while I ease into it as to not aggravate my shoulder.

I would like to begin the Full Body from the Beyond book after doing the traditional 4-Day split, but I am wary of proper recovery especially for the squat. I currently have a tested max of 455 and use a TM of 395.

What have your experiences been like using this template? Any concerns? Are there any updates to the Full Body training since the Beyond book?

Thanks for the responses.

Personally the Full Body Template is probably the best template in my opinion. I tend to lean more towards the template he wrote out in the 2nd Edition where you start off light on your non 5/3/1 Squat Days and slowly build the intensity up as you go along. Whenever I go back on full body (which I am in 2 weeks) my legs will be pretty sore the first week but you quickly adjust. For me, this template is what gets my Squat and Deadlift out of a plateau. He has also written many other awesome full body templates on this forum that are worth checking out. Try it for 6 weeks and if it has a negative impact on your swimming then check out a 2 Day Template.

I second the vote for the Full Body template from Beyond. It’s a really great template, really well-rounded, and insanely effective. I used it for quite a while and saw only great things from it.

If I’m able to go back to lifting 3x/wk, this one will be strongly considered.

I feel the need to add that many of Jim’s recommendations as of late are essentially all full body. I used to get really caught up in the full body templates because I really enjoyed the structure of programs like Starting Strength. Jim quickly convinced me that there are many ways to create balance in your programming and I’m extremely happy with my current set up.

Try some stuff out and find what speaks to you.

So, update from when I last posted, I am currently running a template that looks like this:

Day 1:
Agile 8
Depth Jumps 3x5
Power Cleans 3x5, 3x3, or 3x5,3,1 - abs between sets
Deadlift 5’s PRO - shoulder therapy between sets
DB Bench - pull ups between sets

Day 2:
Agile 8
Med Ball Throws 3x5
Bench 5’s PRO - rows between sets
Romanian Deadlift 5’s PRO - abs between sets
Front Squat 3x5, 3x3, or 3x5,3,1 - pull ups between sets

Day 3:
Agile 8
Triple Jumps 3x5
Squat 5’s PRO - shoulder therapy between sets
Press 5’s PRO - abs between sets
Single Leg Deadlift (assistance work, done light) - pull ups between sets

I have some pelvic tilt so that is why I have a generous amount of hamstring work with deadlifts, romanians, and single leg to pull the pelvis back to neutral. So far, that has helped. I swim 3 times a week on top of this, but never on the same day. On those days, I perform the simple six for mobility.

This is not one of the full-body templates I have seen floating around, but I have built this with only my goals and needs in mind. I believe this does follow the 5/3/1 principles.

I welcome any and all feedback, thank you.