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Moving to Florida

Hey I’m Moving to Lakeland Florida in about a month. Its right around Tampa and Orlando. Would anybody have any idea as to what good gyms they have around there. Because right now my only choice here is a YMCA so we all know anything is better then that. Also what the hell is there to do in Florida? Anyways…If anyone could help me out I’d surely appreciate it.

I don’t know if you’re against the whole corporate gym thing, but I know for sure there’s a Gold’s Gym right on South Florida (if you’re not familiar with the Lakeland area yet, it’s pretty much the main strip of the city where all the major restaurants and shops are). There’s a Books-A-Million right next to it for location reference. I have family in Lakeland and have been in there before when I was visiting from out-of-town. From my experience Lakeland isn’t too bad, I’ve always enjoyed myself there. And, as you said, it’s only an hour or two from Tampa and Orlando, so if you ever get REALLY bored you can always hit one of those up on the weekends for the good nightlife. Hope this helps.

The World Gym on Hillsborough and the Golds on Dale Mabry in Tampa are both pretty sweet. The Y in tampa seemed Ok although I never lifted there, just went to the daughter’s gymnastics classes.