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Moving to Europe, Legal Info?


I am moving to a major EU country from the US and have no idea whatsoever of what the legality of AAS are there. I know the places I have ordered stuff from are in India and would probably ship to places like Italy. However, is there anywhere where I can look up the laws on this stuff?

Is the US unusually strict with the illegality of things like Turanibol? Is it conceivable that there would be nothing illegal about bring in a small quantity of AAS, for example, one bottle of OT or Anavar pills with me? Would it be more or less risky for me to order pills into an EU nation versus the US?

Anyone here have experience or knowledge of laws on AAS in European countries?


Depends which country you are moving to..

I cant order anything to where I live, almost everything gets caught by customs..


you might get lucky.. in the UK i think the laws are the same as canada, illegal to traffic but ok for possession and personal use... US is definitely one of the stricter countries on AAS laws, chances are the country your moving too is less strict then the US


The UK situation is complicated. They are controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act as Class C drugs, which means there is a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment and a fine. But the possession charge is usually waived.

If you were found with a significant quantity of drugs without prescription, you may be charged with intent to supply, which carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment and a fine.


I've used AAS in both Switzerland and France. I could never figure out the deal in Switzerland. I was told that huge guys have been busted for steroid use just for being huge and yet I did see a few really big guys there at the supplement store I used to go there. Their general attitude towards drugs is not to arrest the user but to arrest the dealer. Syringes and needles are OTC and no problem to get from any pharmacy. I remember buying a box of 30 syringes and 20 needles while 2 cops where behind me in line :wink:

France just recently went from a "we don't care" policy to a strict hard line on both users and dealers - mostly because of the Tour de France issues with performance enhancing drugs. That said, I never had trouble getting my stuff in the mail and syringes and needles are available no questions asked from any pharmacy.

The UK allows AAS to be purchased online as it's not illegal to be a user, but they come down pretty hard on dealers.


It would help if you narrowed down the country. The eastern block have pretty lax rules. Romania and Poland, you can buy in a chemist.


Indeed depending on wich country you go too I might be able to help out.
England is covered, so is France maybe another country you need help on.


Anyone have any info on Belgium?


I live in Belgium and so does Bonez..
I would suggest maybe dropping him a PM since he is more informed on steroids in general then I am.

If it's a more general question, you can also send me a PM and maybe I can help out.


Does anyone know anything about Italy? Would I, for example, be an idiot to take a plane from the US to Italy while traveling with 30 pills of AAS in a bottle of generic Tylenol? I am a complete beginner on this stuff. Do customs go through prescription pill bottles and look for suspicious looking pills in small quantities?

I'm generally interested in how people travel with AAS. But I am especially concerned about Italy because I am moving there now for a while.


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i live in spain and have no problems with my orders just the postall systems shit comparde to england


I live in Italy right now. Customs is a joke coming into the country, however, I would never chance bringing anything in. The Italian post office seems to scrutinize everything coming in though. If I have protein powders shipped in, they get hung up for months while they conduct testing on them.


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I live in Italy, send me a PM or email and I explain to you everything you want to know man..


I saw that this post was a little old but I figured that I would reply and see what happens. I am going to be moving to Belgium in April and I would like to find out some more information on what's available over there.

If you or someone else could help me out, that would be awesome!