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Moving to Dubai....Any Advice?


Hey guys/gals.

Thinking of moving frmo TO, Canada, to Dubai UAE. I figure it's pretty easy to do since they'll grant you a 3 month visit visa upon arriving. I've been doing some digging, but wanted to hear some personal pros/cons of doing thsi sort of thing.

Also, as a side note, does Biotest ship there? Not like I couldn't live without it, but I like my Surge and Grow!.




No advice.....

Thanks T-forum.

Oh well, I'll send pic from paradise.




Damn, i'm jealous.

I was born in Dubai (well technically Sharjah as dubai didn't have a hospital back then). All I can tell you is when i'm done with school I will promptly go back. The place really is paradise. I haven't been in some years now, so it has developed a bit since I left, but try and grab a place on the jumeirah side of town. You can be minutes from the most amazing beach in the world. Just be careful not to set up camp too close to the fisherman; they leave the fish out on the sand for a few hours and the smell can carry.


oh yeah,
you must absolutely track down two restaurants; Pars Irani kitchen (there is one called Pars restaurant, don't go there its a ripoff) and Picnic Restaurant.

If you are traveling with women point them in the direction of the gold soukh, that will occupy their time for hours (don't worry, jewelery is better quality and a hell of a lot cheaper in the middle east)


What is the political climate like in Dubai? That's what would worry me. I do think it would be an awesome place to live other than that. I'd like to take a look at the "World" islands they are building. I am in ocean engineering and have experience in the dredging industry so I find that fascinating.

Does it cost a lot to live there?


I was there right after the gulf war for a few years, and have friends living there now. It is quite stable and populated a large part by americans/brits. As far as cost of living goes, considering you don't pay taxes for anything you usually make out pretty well. Food is much less expensive, you could go out and feed 8 people on what you might spend at olive garden for three. However, there are many 5 star hotels/restaurants etc. in which you might spend a good deal.



As far as political climate goes, I think people lump it into the "bad" connotation of the middle east. It's not like that at all. Think of New York city stuck off the coast in the desert. It's so beautiful.

I got the idea when I met my roomates best friend who lives there. When you're putting 5,000 dollars tax free in your pocket a month, you don't mind paying 800 dollars for a 1 bedroom. Shit, I pay that now in Toronto.

Mind you, I live in a brand new place, but that's very much the going rate around here and rising when the interest rates go back up in Canada.

Other perks....how bout costing roughly 10 dollars to fill your car, which you can buy fo about 7-10 grand brand new? 60 dollars a year in car insurance.......yeah I'll take that.

No winter..........yeah......sounds good.

In all seriousness, lots of multinational corporations pay for your living expenses, often also including the bills and moving expenses for you to come over there. I'd be going on a 3 month visitin visa which is granted automatically for CDN and US citizens. Looking for a job from there. My contact there has many many ins for the advertising industry and I'd be workning that angle. I do believe though that they want you to be university educated at least.

Thanks for the restaurant ideas, I really appreciate that as well as the part of town to look for. I've jotted them down. Being close to the beach is very attractive for me!

For those of you who want to see what we're talking about, have a look at this site. I don't want you all following though as it'll diminish the job market :wink:

Please see below:



Excellent place,my folks moved there from London due to just being fed up with how exp London costs,and as a Londoner I can say the place is pretty damn cheap.Great place!Really amazing architecture, beautiful women,a really relaxed and laid back attitude,not to mention better standard of life.I dunno if you're going with a fam or not,but if you're going alone it might be better to go into a hotel apt such as the Grand Hyatt Apt's,as you get access to the hotel gym and pool (Hyatts facilities amazing running track,3 tennis courts,stacked out gym,2 pools,spa,and its own club called MiX)Although if you're coming with fam,it would be best to get a place in Jumeirah(which is near the beach)


Top-notch place.

Was there in April. The construction and new buildings coming up are truly fascinating.

Just a word though. You can live like a king, but you got to have the cash.

A decent apartment in Jumeirah is going to cost you some big bucks.

Most of the place is pretty beautiful anyways, so even if you aren't staying in Sheik Zire (spelling??) Road or Jumeirah, you can still have a decent apartment with a decent view.

Good luck and keep us informed on your plans.


I don't get it. Why isn't there a flood of people moving in if this is paradise (or is there)?

What's the catch?


The Vegas of the Middle-East, I am jealuous, 'cuz of all the Fillipina, Indonesian, Lebanese, British, Ausie honeys, I know I probably missed some but you get the idea. I personally have only passed through Dubai, but I did spend some time across the way in Abu Dhabi.


You can't just move like that getting a work permit is very hard, plus they like keepin the population low, only 2 mill people but a higher GDP than US or Britain


Those were my thoughts, but all I kept seeing was people posting how cheap everything was. Granted, I've not been to Dubai, but I did live in Manama, Bahrain for a bit - not too far away. In 1995 a two bedroom apartment on the "Western" side of town ran upwards of $2000 US per month. Ten bucks to fill your gas tank? It was a lot more than that in '95 and I remember seeing exactly one gas station in Manama - right before the causeway to Dhahran. I don't remember food being too bad, but a beer would run you at least 5 bucks.


So one could just rent an apartment there I assume and enjoy oneself whenever he feels like vacationing.


The cheapness is because they don't pay tax.

Advice? Sunscreen....


Yeah if you wish, loads of apt's being made on man made islands at the mo


Hi TOTrev

Been living in Dubai for over 4 years now.great city to be in. Unfortunately, Biotest products are not available here and neither does Biotest
ship here.

You can buy a few products like HOT-ROX on the web from other websites and get them shipped to Dubai. I tried getting HOT-ROX once, got tagged at customs but I eventually got it after 2 weeks.

That said you can find some good gyms and 4-5 GMC shops here, plus your grocery bill might be slighly lower compared to Canada

All the best for your stint here


Where you train bro?AT the moment got a temp membership with Jumeirah Beach Club,but next time I come back here I will probs just go to the Big Apple gym in Emirates towers


I've often thought what's the catch about Dubai as well.

From my research, I know that I can at least get 3 months worth of visitor visa upon landing.

I'm not too too worried about finding a job b/c I have a network system set up there through people I work with, who were there for 4 yrs, as well as people I've met in Canada, who happen to be in the advertising field.

Currently, in Toronto, it's expensive anyways, I make good money yet my living expenses are so high I can't save as much money as I'd like to be able to get myself into the financial position I'd like to be in. It's not uncommon to pay 800-900 for a basement 1 bedroom here and that's not getting you much! Not to mention the other expenses like car insurance and now gas. The other shitty thing is the amount of taxes we have to pay in this country. I pay just under 400 a week from my cheque, then it went up and a little more get's taken off for our provincial government to cover off more healthcare expenses.

So, I lose about an extra paycheque per yer to that, the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, and will be moving back here without a doubt, but for now.......time to explore.

AS far as the concerns of working, I'm university educated, with overe 2 years of experience, should be able to get something decent.

Biotest......no shipping. Drats. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to improvise the best I can.

Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it all.

And, yes I'll keep updates and maybe some pictures as I go.




hi T,

good luck with the planned moved to Dubai.

i'm moving to Toronto this year and i'm also working in advertising (CW/AD).

pointers would be greatly appreciated on the current state of the industry/ networking, and, on a different note, good gyms in central city.

if u need info on moving to New Zealand, Israel or France... i'm your guy!

thanks in advance