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Moving to Denver

So I accepted a job offer in Denver and will be moving there right after New Years.

Any gyms you would recommend besides the typical big chain ones?

Any tips/tricks or things I should know before moving there?

I drive a FWD Honda Accord. Do I really need a AWD car, or can I just get some snow tires for the winter months and call it good?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I would recommend a 4WD car if you want to go into the mountains, but usually one of your friends will have one if you don’t. If its only around the city, FWD is fine but drive slow, 4WD or FWD doesn’t help when slowing down. I grew up driving a honda accord with FWD.

I never was in the city so not sure about the gyms. I’ve heard parking has been awful lately so wherever you end up living I hope you have a designated spot.

Have fun and good luck. Colorado is a beautiful place where its easy to enjoy the outdoors.

What type of training do you do?

Just moved there myself three months back. Usually train in my home gym but was in temp housing until now. I highly recommend checking out Armbrust is Wheat Ridge. Has everything. Three squat racks, oly platform, mono-lift, prowler, tires, huge selection of bodybuilding machines. And to top it off a dedicated leg room.

People are awesome and it is inspiring to train there. I am just a bit below average size there…average size of the women that is (I am 6’2" 205 lbs male).

That last bit is hyperbole. You will find bodybuilder beasts, fitness athletes, power lifters and amateurs like myself. Good luck wherever you end up.

[quote]kpsnap wrote:
What type of training do you do?[/quote]

Oly lifting