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Moving to Denver, CO...


...and looking for a good gym to join. Any ideas?


In the summers I work at a hardcore gym called Rocky Mountain Lifting Club, in Aurora, which is just southeast of Denver. Its in a small warehouse in an industrial park, with corrugated tin walls, NO mirrors, lifting platforms, bumper weights, chalk bins, chains, boards, a shitload of strong-man equipment, and some of the strongest motherfuckers in the nation lurking in the powerracks.

The owner of the gym is Dan Gaudreau, a former world-record holder in the bench press through USAPL. There is another member who is a world-record bench press holder through another organization. Seija Hackl, a world-record holder in some olympic lifts, trains there as well.

ALl in all, its a badass gym. There are very few members, so the gym is never busy...a lot of times you might have it all to yourself.

You should definitely check it out.


Thanks IronGame! Will definitely check it out.