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Moving to Colorado

Hey everybody-
I’m contemplating moving to Colorado within the next year. Probably the Denver/ Boulder area but possibly in the mountains. If anyone can give any feedback on the area they live in such as living expenses, employment opportunities, quality gyms, distance to good skiing etc. I would be very appreciative.

I live in the Denver area and have lived in Colorado my whole life, so maybe I’m biased when I say it’s awesome out here. I live and work in Denver and play all over. As far as skiing, just take I-70 west and the signs will point you to a plethora of resorts. Before I got hitched to the little woman, I used to drive up to El Dora or Winter Park on a Thursday and drive back down on Friday night.

Living expenses are high depending on where you want to live. A lot of tech employees lost their jobs last year leaving many $300 to $400,000 houses up for sale in the Boulder and Golden areas. If you want to live in Boulder you will pay a pretty penny for it, and maybe sacrifice a bit of T in the process(a whole lot of wimpy, tree-huggin’, granola chewin’, testosterone sucking people in that city). Golden is also pretty, and BIll Phillips no longer lives there, but it also pretty expensive. Aurora is can range from cheap to expensive but it is farther away from the mountains. Whatever you do don’t buy a place in Highlands Ranch or you’ll have to deal with T-REX for the next 7+ years, AAAARRGh!

yeah dont move to boulder. theres about as much T there as a bingo party for parapeligic lesbians. also, you’d have to bulk up with soy and granola, and cut with some reefer.
denver is awesome. there are a lot of good gyms out there. some of the suburban ones that i reccomend are the point (lakewood), colorado pro gym (wheat ridge), flex gym (in lakewood on colfax). there are a few other decent BB gyms in the suburbs, like powerhouses and such, but visit first or you will wind up at some 24 hour or ballys or something.

Yeah, Denver fucking rocks. The only thing that we’re missing is some surfing. Great skiing is within 100 miles of downtown Denver, the nightlife is pretty good, and depending on where you want to live, it’s not too expensive. And defintely stay away from Boulder. It’s nothing but a breeding ground for a bunch of dirty, digusting, lazy, dread-locked, drain-on-the-economy hippies. And it’s ridiculously expensive, too. As long as you tolerate some cold from time to time and can deal without an ocean, Denver is an awesome place to live.

Colorado can be very expensive as the poster mentioned. It can be really fun though too. Really the more pretty a place is the more expensive it is as well. Off the top of my head it seems Grand Junction is the most (I think I read that in the paper a year ago or so.) Something you may consider is moving to Wyoming if you are really wanting to go to the mountains. It isn’t nearly as much fun, but the cost of living is some of the lowest in the nation.

Thanks for the input fellas. I guess I’ll steer clear of Boulder and the soy burger and alfalfa sprouts crowd. Denver sounds good.

Someone mentioned Grand Junction earlier… GJ is 250 miles West of Denver and is about 25 miles from the Utah State Line. It is an okay town and all, but it is becoming a retirement community. I wouldn’t recommend GJ to anyone under 60.
I’ve lived in the Greater Denver area for about 15 years. Like most other cities there are expensive areas and more afforable areas. In general, Colorado is a bit pricey, but nothing compared to SF, Boston or NY.
Boulder is infamous for the amazing closed minded soy eaters, and the reputation is well deserved. However, as a University of Colorado Alum I must put in a good word for the school… and besides, the credit card hippies are always good for a laugh.