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Moving to Brooklyn; Where to Lift?


Hi All,

I've been here a while, and I'm a pretty serious lifter. Can anyone throw out some good gyms to check out in the Brooklyn or Manhattan area? I'll be moving in Oct. 1, so I need to find my next second home.

As for requirements, it depends, but I'm open to all of your guys suggestions, and I'm sure this is the best place to ask.




Aviator Sports in Brooklyn used to be one of the best gyms in the country. I'm talking 4 Elite power racks, bumper platers, olympic platforms, heavy dumbells, pylo boxes, and 2 elite GHRs/reverse hypers. But then they turned the huge weight room into indoor soccer fields for the kids. They still have a weight room, but I don't know how much equipment they have.

Brooklyn Barbell is supposed to be a great gym as well.

In Manhattan, check out Velocity Sports or Asphalt Green.


Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) has Harbor Fitness. It's got one power rack and one squat rack, but no one really uses them so it's always free. Nice commercial gym with helpful staff and hot chicks.


Ive been a member of aviator for almost 2 years and its definitely one of the best gyms in brooklyn...there are two power racks still there and a ton of power lifting accessories/


5th ave gym is where Kai Greene used to train.... it's in park slope