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Moving to Boston

Thinking about moving to Boston to accept a job offer, and I was wondering if any of you had thoughts about the city.

What’s it like to live/work there? Any good single girls to meet? (I’m 24) Any advice on looking for places to live?

All I know about Boston is the whole city gets depressed come october.

[quote]biglift88 wrote:
All I know about Boston is the whole city gets depressed come october.[/quote]

lmao, so true.

Good single girls...in a city of 600,000...you're good, dude.  Check out bars in the Back Bay.  

I can’t say for you, but it’s my favorite place on earth (presumably because I spent the first 20 years of my life there, give or take a year.) Allston is a great neighborhood there. The housing is reasonably priced, the city’s easily accessible and the neighbors are quite favorable.

Depending on where you settle, you might get a bit of noise from rowdy college types. If you are a rowdy college type, then, well, great company. I could go on and on…

Oh yeah, we do get real depressed around October (unless it's 2004.  Last I checked, it wasn't 2004.  It's a gamble.)

spent my first 25 yrs there

pros great woman/ culture / lots to do

cons weather/ prices (NY prices without the wonder of NY)/

chicks in Boston can be very $ concious like LA and NY but there are many art school girls of doom that are fun lays

at your age hit Landsdowne and have the time of your life

feel free to PM me I was in property management and sales so I know the city and the outlining areas extremely well

single girls ? it’s not like boston is a college town or anything.

[quote]swivel wrote:
single girls ? it’s not like boston is a college town or anything.[/quote]


[quote]biglift88 wrote:
All I know about Boston is the whole city gets depressed come october.[/quote]

Not anymore, dick.

Boston’s also good for a healthy dose of modern-day racism.

[quote]chillain wrote:
Boston’s also good for a healthy dose of modern-day racism.


True. When I come down from the north woods and drive down Washington Street to Doyles in JP (my old neighborhood) I get some wicked hard looks from the folks hanging in Codman Square.

This will be a long post. Bear with me.

I love Boston. I spent three years there for college and I’d move back in a heartbeat if I could. I went to Berklee College of Music, on the corner of Mass Ave and Boylston, so my recommendations will mainly be from that area of the city.

Allston is a good place to live, and Dorchester isn’t too bad if you don’t mind living a little further out. There are some decent apartments along Hemenway St near the MFA.

There are 750,000 college students and over 200 colleges in greater Boston, so you’ll have a wide selection of women.

The Gold’s on Lansdowne is a pretty decent gym, a buddy of mine used to bring in chains and bands. They pretty much let you do your own thing as long as you’re respectful of the other people there. The staff (Steve and Ryan especially) are really nice.

If you like good beer, hit up The Other Side Cafe on Newbury St (on the "other side of Mass Ave) and especially Bukowski’s (3 blocks away, on Dalton St near Boylston and the Pru). Bukowski’s has over 100 different beers available, almost completely imports and micros. Decent bar food, and burgers are only $1 before 3pm if I remember right. Couple good cigar shops in that area too (Cigar Masters is an upscale lounge, Gloucester Cigar Company is more casual), or go downtown to LJ Peretti’s.

For clubs/nightlife, Lansdowne St, Newbury St, and Boylston St are the best, but pricey. I didn’t go to clubs much, so I can’t help you beyond that.

If you ever want to go to New York, it’s $10 for a 3-hour bus ride from South Station to NYC’s Chinatown. Just show up, pay, and go. It runs every hour on the hour from like 7am to 2 am, but coming back to Boston the last bus is at 10 or 11. I used to catch the 2am bus to NYC, sleep 3 hours on the way, get breakfast in a diner around 5:30 and then wait for sunrise.

I’d hang out all day and catch either the last bus of the night or the first one the next morning, depending on how tired I was. Great, cheap way to hang out in NYC without paying for a hotel.

You have to go to Mike’s Pastry in the North End. It’s a landmark. Ask anyone in that part of town how to get there if you’re not sure. Get the tiramisu. And the cannoli. And everything else in the store. This is the place to wreck your diet. Lots of great Italian food in the area, obviously.

Beware, it’s nearly impossible to find a public bathroom downtown or in the North End after 8pm, unless you sit down at a restaurant. Borders is the place to go for that until they close (10 or 11 I think). After that you’re pretty much SOL, because downtown closes around 7.

Here’s the best tip I can give you. Do as much of your grocery shopping as you can do at the Haymarket on Saturdays. You’ll save a ton on groceries. I could buy enough steak, fish, fruits, and veggies to feed myself for a week for around $25. Haggle with them. It may not always work, but it’s worth trying.

Go inside some of the shops there too. You can buy all sorts of exotic spices for super cheap. Keep in mind though, this is a market, not a store. It’s crowded, loud, smelly, and outdoors, and the people are rude and pushy. But if you go in the right mindset, or you have any experience in old-world style markets (think Indian bazaar), you’ll be fine. Just don’t take young kids, I’d say. It’s too crowded and they’ll just be a burden.

Sorry for rambling. I miss Boston too much. I’ll have to go back for a visit soon. I hope some of this helped.

Ok, they get depressed every October except once every 87 years.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
biglift88 wrote:
All I know about Boston is the whole city gets depressed come october.

Not anymore, dick.[/quote]

OK,I’m a Mets fan,but why are the Skankee fans on here?They weren’t depressed in 04,that’s the year you skankee fans should’ve been hiding.They embarassed you that year in the play-off’s.They won the W.S.As a Met fan,I always root for the BoSoxs in the regular season in the AL,I hate the Skankees that much.