Moving to Australia. Cruise with TRT or Run PCT?

Hi guys - totally 100 percent honest post here, made some mistakes but I can’t go back can only rectify going forwards.

25 years old - blasted and cruised for the past 5 years.

I am moving to Asia for 4 month next month and then to Australia for a year.

Thinking of cruising the time in in Asia and either running a power pct before I go to Australia or do I cruise while I’m in Australia for the year? My main worries being the negative heath effects and loss of libido as I am going away to enjoy myself ofcorse?

If I was to come off could I be open and honest with a doctor is Aus and get bloods done etc?

I don’t want to stay on gear for the rest of my life, I want to come or eventually - it’s just a matter of when is gong to be sensible to!

Any advise would be appreciated, thank you.

Most Dr’s here in Australia are pretty clueless about steroids. You will need to search high and low to find one that will prescribe it unless you legitimately have very, very low T. Some will prescribe TRT doses on a private script, ie full price, unsubsidized because of off label use.

When it comes to going off steroids most seem to want you to go cold turkey, no mention of hcg, or a serm. If you ask for them they will tell you that you need to wait and see how your body reacts, before even considering prescribing them.
In the meantime you are likely to have spent 6 -12 months feeling sub par if you haven’t recovered naturally. From my own experience most doctors, even endocrinologists just don’t have a clue. They haven’t got the experience with PED’s. Expect a lecture about how dangerous steroids are.
Dr’s will monitor your condition, but unless you have a Medicare card, you will be paying overinflated full price for your blood tests

Of course you will be able to source whatever you need for another cycle or PCT at your local dealer or online.

As @Beyond_Beyond said, doctors don’t regularly prescribe TRT, though there are a few around that you might be able to find. On top of that, the health regulator is incredibly strict on what it allows individuals to do.

Oh, and testosterone is in very short supply in Australia. I’ve heard of people using the black market despite having a legitimate prescription, because pharmacies are frequently out of stock.

If you do want to find a specialist, have a dig around in the TRT forum.

I’d also advise against carrying anything into the country. Customs can be very strict, and I remember being told that bringing in testosterone from an Australian pharmacy with an Australian prescription written by an Australian doctor could get me into trouble.