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Moving to 3 Days per Week

Per Defy’s suggestion as my E2 is up in the 60s 8 weeks into TRT and me not being fond of the idea of jumping to Anastrozole, they have suggested that I move from twice per week to three times per week to try and lower E2 (my SHBG also went from 67 to 37). Should I consider lowering my dose slightly? I’ve read about some guys needing less total weekly dosage amounts when moving to more frequent injections.

Ive been at 80mg twice per week. A 1:1 change would now be 27mg three times per week. Not sure if I should dial that down slightly so i truly see the benefit of lowering E2 (without losing too much T).

If all else fails there are some high SHBG doing every 2 day and daily injections to lower estrogen and are doing excellent.

Your TT and FT seem high. If you are comfortable at this level and have no other health risks, you should be fine.
Your E2 to T ratio doesn’t seem unreasonable. Why do you want to drop your E2 lower? Are you having side effects from high E2?

I don’t like AI’s either and do an every other day protocol to avoid increased E2. If your dose was 80mgs 2×weekly then it would be 160mgs per week. 27mgs 3×weekly would only put you at 81mgs per week total. Are you looking to halve your dose? 45mgs EOD would put you at 160 mgs weekly and might drop your E2 even more. Without an AI, above higher than normal ranges of TT and FT would naturally give above higher than normal ranges of E2. But again…
You T/E2 ratio doesn’t seem very high. Most higher end T docs don’t seem to worry about high E2 if T is high as well and no sides are presenting.

Your SHBG is much better than it used to be and this is evident by how much FT you have. I would think you might be feeling great in these ranges. How do you feel overall?

I feel good. Like I did 10 years ago. My morning wood came back in string but left me weeks ago. I’m assuming that’s E2 related. Also starting getting a little emotional. Nothing much beyond that. I feel close.

Sorry, it was late and I got my mg and ml mixed up. Basically, they told me to switch to 54mg three times per week to stay close to 160 per week. I’m wondering if I should go down to 44 or 46mg three times per week as I’ve heard that the more frequent doses can drive things up higher.

The other option is that I use low dose (I have 0.1mg Anastrozole) and don’t change anything else. The third option was lowering my dose.

Thanks, @systemlord. I think it may have been you that noted somewhere that if injection frequency goes up, total dose should come down as miners may go too high? I’m only moving to 3 days per week in efforts to lower E2

Imo since your free t and total T are above range I would stay on 2x a week and lower dose to 140.

This is trt more usually not better long term.

Did you check hct

@charlie12 Yeah now I’m really questioning everything as I’m due for my next shot tonight. Too many options. Part of me wants to leave my dose and schedule (and TT/FT) where it is and use only 0.1mg Anastrozole per week (or less) since I took it for 8 years before starting. The other part of me wants to do exactly what you said and keep it all the same and simple but at a slightly lower dose (struggle with this one as I really like the body comp changes at this level). And then, there’s the go to 3 days a week and see what that does. But after some thought, this actually seems like the most disruptive of the mix. Mind spinning!

Hematocrit was 48.5

I agree. Try to avoid ai. It seems like you may be having a couple of sides , not bad , from e2
Lowering dose makes sense to me. Same frequency. You can always go to 3x a week later on.

U are at defy. Maybe give them a quick call about staying at 2x and lowering dose to 140. See what they say. Am sure they will say it’s ok.

@charlie12 thanks and I’ll give them a call. Based on my numbers at 160 do you think 140 will keep my TT and FT at the top of the range?

Yes it should.
Shbg can fluctuate but it went from 60s to 30s so maybe less dosage will work.

I do 50mg 2x a week and my free t is right at the top. I know we are all different.

I may actually lower my dose just slightly because I think it’s peaking higher than this causing some belly water retention. This was on the day of injection. I feel really good right now for months now so I may leave mine alone.


Only if trying to lower Total and estrogen, if just trying to lower estrogen, then you can inject the same amount.

Note everyone processes androgens differently.