Moving On

I been on a work out for a month now and i feel like making some changes. I want to either reduce the rest period between sets, or add more weight. I would appreciate any input on what you think is a better option from those two.


One day reduce the rest. another add weight. You can onlt do either so long before you would hit a wall so both are good and Needed to keep progressing.

What is your workout? What are your goals? Without that information it’s hard to determine. If you’re working on pure strength, weight is best, but you may need to decrease reps and/or increase rest. If it’s conditioning, decreasing rest is best.


Well I think right now I am going for conditioning because I am a student on a tight budget right now and cant afford to eat like a champ. Once I graduate and get a nice job I will afford more food hopefully heh.

My work out is like this:

[A] - (if they are together, it means i alternate between the 2)

Squats 4x10
Barbell row 4x10

Bench press 4x10
Ab wheel 4x10

Drumbell press 4x10

[B] - (if they are together, it means i alternate between the 2)

Drumbell step up 3x10
hammer curl up press 3x10

Barbell row 3x10
Inclined bench press 3x10

pull ups 3x10
romanian deadlift 3x10

I work out one day then rest the next and so on. Like this: A - Rest - B - Rest - A - Rest - B …

I have been doing that routine a while now, I think i will keep on doing it it for one more month and then seek another one.

My stats:

21 years old
174 lbs
15% body fat (thats what my weight scale says)