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Moving on Up

For the past six weeks I have been working Ian King’s Great Guns program. I saw some pretty decent gains but I want to step it up now. I am in college, about 6’6", weigh 200lbs and work out four days a week. I eat about five (sometimes six) meals a day and I would like to get on a strength program that would help put on serious muscle. I know that I should do the compound movements but I am confused as to the best order and amount to do - and if i should include some isolation movements as well - if anyone could give me any tips for a 4-day per week split on doing the exercises I would appreciate it!

Compound movements are good, but you’ve got to do the ones which require the most coordination first. If you’re going to do any olympic lifts, do them FIRST, & squats and deadlifts LAST because they require the least amount of coordination & technique. If you do isolation lifts, don’t put nearly as much effort into them asd the other stuff, make them the last thing because the compound stuff is more useful. It’s much better to have the body moving as one unit than as a bunch of separate parts.

Stay on the program for the whole twelve weeks. I have two weeks left and I have noticed significant increases. Most importantly: don’t just eat five or six times a day. Keep a food log. I thought I was “eating right” but when I began keeping up with everything I saw I was undereating. If want to grow: EAT, EAT, EAT!!!