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Moving on to HGH


20yrs old 5'9 220lbs. 22% BF

havent worked out in 3 months. used to take test cyp with tren and winny.

now i want to move to HGH. im curious as too how much an average price is. i live in ATX. and i know plenty of people who i can get it from. $330 for a one month supply? i dont know how much this stuff runs for. so i would like some advice from people who have taken it before.

im looking to lean out more than anything. bulk just a tad.

lifting program is done text book style. alternate lift and running each day. i usually lift any where from an hour and a half to 2 hours depending on which muscle goups im working and if i have a partner.


Heads up:
-at 20 years old, this is ill-advised
-you don't need HGH to get lean from 22%

My advice would be to read about nutrition and try something like the velocity diet. Austin is a nice city BTW.


Don't waste your money.


ok. i just looked at the V-Diet. just about $$$500!!!!!!!!!! how long does all that last?


Hes 20 years old, he doesnt need to V-Diet. He just needs to stop eating whatever shit got him to 22% bf.


The op is a cluster of fail.

  1. stop taking 3 months off from lifting.

  2. learn to eat better so you can drop some fat like any normal 20 year old should be able to

  3. learn to eat better so you dont get fat again. If youre fat at 20 what do you think youre going to look like at 30 or 40.

  4. 'one month supply' - you do realize that people use different doses of gh, dont you?

  5. hgh is a black market drug, there is no 'average price'. Some people get it for cheap, some people pay a lot. There are also about a dozen different 'brands', all going for various prices.


OP: Based on your posts, I believe you will benefit from improving your nutrition and lifting before you consider HGH or more AAS. It should'nt be difficult to lean out and "bulk just a tad" when your starting at 22% bf and 20 years old. Good luck.


I wouldnt use hgh at 20 years old, im young to and have used it but the results i got i truly believe were mainly from a change in diet and once i stopped the growth i still continued to lean out so im prob not gonna use growth until im an old man...like 30 or so :slight_smile:


what type of protein would you all recommend to lean out? Whey?


You don't need protein powder to drop bodyfat, but you will need to cut "junk" food out of your diet to start. Unless you have a serious medical condition, at 20 years old the extra bodyfat you carry is most likley due to a shitty diet. I'm guessing you eat to much calorie dense, nutritionaly worthless foods. You don't need to worry about the right protein powder, much less HGH. Eat clean foods-as much as you want. It's much harder to overeat when your're eating basic plain foods like: eggs, non-fat milk, tuna, steak, chicken, beans, rice, oatmeal, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, apple, bannana, and many more. Cook with a few tablespoons of olive oil and use spices to make these foods tasty (if you must). Don't add cheese and sweet buttery crap to these foods, because this adds a shitload of extra calories from fat and carbs (which you don't want). Try this first, than ask for more help, or not.


I think he is emplying the Blast & Cruise method....his cruises are just a little more...ummm...shall we say, special, than others...




so what im gathering here is i should go head and take some HGH so i can get jacked and huge, assuming that most of you are? so when someone asks for advice i can laugh at them? who wants to sell it to me?


The most objective advice was given from respectable members. What you do with it is up to you.

As a general consensus, the smartest route would be to re-evaluate your nutrition and training. I admit, Its not sexy as injecting something to get huge, but no doubt, you can achieve amazing results without resorting to HGH.

Plus, solid education about the basics will never leave you. Thus, leading to solid long term success with the goals you're after. That is why these recommendations are the "smartest" route.




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calm down buddy. dont let that juice get to you. dont start shooting up too much. start getting a temper.


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The best advice I can give you is to capitalize the first letter of your sentences.

Aside from that, do what you will.