Moving on to College

Moving in to College as a freshman in a few weeks and just wanted some tips from a few of the older guys on what to bring and stuff. I’m gonna bring, Multi’s, Pro Powder, Carb Powder, Rolled Oats, Tunafish, Bars, Flax Oil, Fish Oil, and my meal plan should fill out the rest of my calories. I read school days and found it really helpful i was just wondering if any other info out there could help me out. BTW i’m gonna be playing high level d2 Lacrosse at CW POST, and i train using davies style workouts. Also i havent drank for 6 months or more and really dont plan on it for a while just because of the useless calories it provides, but, while in college and a lax player they drink alot, so if a few times i do drink what would be the best way to bounce bac, eat, drink tons of water, etc. I"m really just looking for some advice on how to adapt to training/nutrition in college without having to make any big changes to my current style, thanks alot, deuce

CW Post huh? Nasty DII football team, the guys are monsters there. As for what to do, honestly don’t worry so much, get enough sleep(7 min or 6 and a nap, im a whore who gets 8+) and eat well ie PROTEIN all day small emounts. Between training, lifting playing and if you have any style sex, then ull burn off whatever you drink just keep it to once a week, or only after games.

Watch out for the drinking, especially hanging around freshmen. I’ve noticed a lot more binge drinking in this group (“We might not get to do it again, so CHUG!”), and I’ve seen some guys that had pretty good physiques when they started college losing their edge because of it. If you do decide to drink, keep yourself hydrated for God’s sake, and really watch your nutrition. It’s really easy to slip on that stuff when you’re in the dining hall.

Congrats. I also played lax in college. And I drank a lot because I didn’t know any better. You are WAY ahead of the curve. Eat a ton, because you’ll be burning calories like a madman. Have fun. And don’t burn out. Playing lax 3 -4 seasons a year in school, I couldn’t even bring myself to touch a stick from the time I graduated until I turned 26. Now I play men’s beer league on the weekends.

Well im one of those guys that had a nice physique in college and totally fucked it up my first year. I think what killed me was late night eating. Everyones gonna be eating pizza and fast food at 3am everynight, so do your best to just not eat, and when you get back to your dorm have a low-carb protein shake or something. I think thats what killed me the most, more than anything. Good luck!!

Make sure that you or your roommate has a microwave. Also, score some utensils and plates, etc. (or just steal them from the cafeteria when you get there:)). Shaker bottles and tupperware (or use empty cottage cheese containers) are important, too. I assume you’ll have access to a refridgerator; otherwise that flax will get pretty nasty…

I think everyone is on the right track with their recommendations…I just wanted to add that I have played baseball at two different D1 colleges, and both teams I have played for have had plenty of heavy drinkers. Evaluate your goals, and if you think drinking is going to interfere, then do what is best for you and not what you think is going to impress the guys on your team. I think you’ll find that if you make a decision and stick with it, your teammates will respect you more than if you fall to pressure. They’ll also respect your better performance on the field! I have seen too many excellent athletes just piss away what could have been unbelievable seasons because they were too focused on partying, and not focused enough on their competitive season. Sorry for the mini rant.

Get creative with the microwave! I even managed to smuggle in a mini Foreman for chicken breasts. Also, check out the cafe. Some colleges now, as was my former college, provide a good selection of food. Avoid the easy meals: subway, pizza, etc. Time managment is key, you’ll hear that a lot, but it’s all the more important in your case if your going to workout, prepare meals, and through it all, make grades. I’m a junior Bio major right now myself. I tell you this, it’s tough to balance this lifestyle, but it can be done. If you succeed in doing so, you may even find your study habits improve as you MUST be disciplined. Good Luck!

Forgot to mention the most critical element: SLEEP!!!

THanks alot guys, should be a pretty easy transition come sept 1st, i’ll let you guys know how i do, thanks again, deuce

This really depends on how serious you take your training and lacrosse. If you wanna half ass it, that will be easy. Just do what everyone else does. If you wannna be above the rest, your gonna have to be more disciplined. You can pretty much forget about eating at the cafeteria, its mostly shit in there. Your better off cooking your own food, and doing what you would do at home. This will be your new home for 9 months, might as well make it comfy.