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Moving On. To Bodybuilding


Hi, i'm turning 18 and have had a long battle with health issues, one of them hormonal. After boxing for a year and sparring heavily i began to feel like shit, bad erections, suddenly i couldn't put on muscle like i used to, the hormone panel awful as well. Both the Endo and my main doctor believe it is a real possibility i fucked up my pituitary with a blow to the head.

I intend to step up weight training, instead of skimming the surface while being a boxer. I want to dive in and slowly move away from boxing. I have always had a part of me (maybe in my blood, my mom was a bodybuilder) that wants to get strong, go heavy and build mass.

What lifts do you recommend i adopt first? As a boxer my leg training has been low weight very high rep, i don't have much mass in my legs at all, and because my trainer is so old school, we have done nothing to isolate the back, he has me isolate abs after every workout and neglect the back.


I recommend you get the hormonal issue fixed first. Have you?


^ This....without your hormones working and functioning properly, building muscle mass and recoverying between workout will be hard to come by.


I can attest to getting that fixed. It is damn near impossible with low t. I have tried and its a grind to put any muscle on at all. Shit its a grind to get out of bed sometimes. DOesnt mean you cant lift but dont expect to pack on lots of muscle. Your eating over mainmtence to gain with l ow t will mainly make you gain fat and little muscle


My Test is incredibly low, or was on my last panel (117ng/dl in a range of 300-1000) However, i think it really is genetics that allows me to still make semi-decent gains with these levels. My mom who takes care of my 4 little sisters and never works out maintains a lot of muscle mass and definition. She never competed or used steroids but people always thought she used gear in her training days.

@professor. I'm about to start HCG, working with a md who specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement. This is just to keep my leydig cells from shutting down, and to get the pathways active again. We also just took 9 vials of blood for a complete hormone panel and today i'm doing a multiple collection salivary cortisol test.

I've made up for the Low T by using Ipamorelin and Cjc 1295 w/o dac. 100mcg 2-3x a day. Its kept me from putting on fat while eating above maintenance and could account for my ability to gain with these levels besides the genetic theory.


Read TC's livespill. Good start anyways.

Good luck.


If your test was 117ng/dL I would strongly recommend posting a full rundown of symptoms/labwork in the TRT forum.

You can make gains on low test, but why play swim upstream if you don't have to?