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Moving on From Full Body to Splits


Mon) â?? Chest and Triceps

Chest -- Flat Bench press/incline/crossovers

Triceps -- pushdowns/dips/skull curshers

Wed) â?? Back and Biceps

Back -- BORs/Latpulldowns/Chinups

Biceps -- Chinups)/Hammercurls

Fri) â?? Legs and Shoulders

Legs -- Squats/Standing Calf Raise/Hamstring curls

Shoulders -- Clean and press/Laterals Raises front and side.

Can I throw in deadlifts on a Monday or Wednesday ?


Chin ups are an upper back/lat exercise, not biceps. If they are a biceps exercise 'for you', then you are doing them wrong. Do barbell curls instead.

Do deadlifts as first exercise on wednesday. Do lat pulldowns after chin ups.


I'd do deads on Weds, as they're more of a back exercise and doing them the same day as squats might mean you won't have the same intensity as you could on seperate days. Additionally, if you're new to lifting, your CNS might get battered from doing both on the same day.

Personally, I'd also throw in another bicep exercise, like barbell curls, as I wouldn't consdier pullups to be a bicep exercise per se. Also, you don't have any exercises for your core, or lower back; you could try Russian Barbell Twists for your core and Good Mornings for your lower back.


Thanks all that has been taken on board.

I have been training for over a year now but this is the first time doing splits.

I understand what you saying about core work,i never do direct core work as i seen doing deadlifts squats and clean and press as working your core,and thought that would be enough.

I can add another bicep workout no problem i know it's only a small muscle and working your back doing BOR's will hit your arms anyway so i didn't feel need to go OTT on them.



I'd still do direct core and lower back work, as you're less likely to get an injury. Also, you wouldn't be working your obliques with the lifts you mentioned.

I suggested doing another direct bicep exercise, as you have several tricep ones and think you should balance things out a bit more. Bear in mind your triceps will also be used when you're bench pressing.


Is this ok ?

splits 3times aweek and on back days do deadlifts and max out of them and do squats everytime your at the gym 3 times aweek to get more HGH release.







Legs hamstring etc


Okay... I'm confused. This is more of a total-body split, as far as I'm concerned. Here's what I think of on a 3-way split, as given to me and MANY other people who are having success. This is basically the routine (exercises don't have to be these exact ones, but you get the idea.)

[u]Day 1 - Chest + Arms[/u]
Incline BB, ramp up to a max set of 6-10
Flat DB, ramp up to a max set of 5-10
EZ-Bar Curls, ramp up to a max set of 6-12
Pinwheel Curls, ramp up to max set of 10-20
Close-Grip Bench, ramp up to max set of 6-10
Skullcrushers, ramp up to max set of 8-12

[u]Day 2 - Legs[/u]
Front squats, ramp up to max set of 4-8 (Heavy)
Widowmaker Leg Press, you take your 8-10 rep max and do 20 reps in one all-out set... usually lasts 2-4 minutes.
Lying Leg Curls, ramp up to max set of 6-12
Calves, DC Style

[u]Day 3 - Off[/u]

[u]Day 4 - Shoulders + Back[/u]
Smith high incline Press, ramp up to 6-10
DB Laterals, ramp up to 6-12
Rack pulls, ramp up to max set of 4-8, then SLIGHTLY less heavy set of 8-12
Pulldowns, ramp up to max set of 6-12
Shoulder health work - Defranco power cleans, facepulls

[u]Day 5 - Off[/u]

[u]Day 6 - Repeat or Off if needed[/u]

THAT is what a 3-way "split" ought to look like, IMO. Why not given something like that a try?