Moving North of Vag

Having been a reasonable National League Rugby Player for 7 years injury last year meant that I had to retire. The nature of injury, repeated concussions, meant that I wasn’t able to train for about six months. Following this each time I went back into the gym/ onto the track I would warm up, get to the work portion of the day and then have no motivation to train, pack up and go home.

After a year I am weak as a Kitten and extremely unfit. This is not a healthy way to live. It is time to start training again purely to be healthy and have some quality life- pretty much just ‘Move North of Vag’

I suspect I will use 6 week cycles and if i’m feeling good chuck in some Joker Sets. Assistance will begin with BBB at 50%. I will try to not over think the whole thing. I will bring conditioning in slowly starting with some aerobic work (5mins on 1 off at 150bpm) and then try to build up to some intervals. I plan to get in the gym four times a week, MTTF but if life gets in the way will try get in for a minimum two sessions.

I will test the big four at the weekend and hope to begin training next week.

Just went to the gym to test my Max’s

Squat- 117.5kg x3 (TM 117.5)
Bench- 85kg x3 (TM 85)
Deadlift- 155kg x2 (TM 148)
Press- 55kg x3 (TM 54kg)

Not great scores at 6ft5 and 105kg but a baseline.

Chatting to a mate, I think that I’ll change my work to liken it to the first fours weeks of the strength challenge (single at training max after work sets on week 1 and 3, week 2 and 4 only get required reps) and then BBB the assistance. I’ll give this a shot for a few cycles and see how that works for me.

Today’s training all KG’s

8 Max rep effort set

ss with chins BW 3,2,2,2,2,2,

BBB 510@27.5 ss with lat pull 510@73

BB Curls 310@25
Poor man shoulder horn 2
10@ 2.5

First day on the board, way down on what i was doing before but got to start somewhere!!

Deads all in KG’s



BBB @ 75

Single leg lowers 2*10