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Moving North of Vag...Finally!

I’ve been lifting weights for 10 years now and still feel like a beginning in a lot of ways. I’ve worked as a trainer as was quite comfortable training people; just not selling which is why I say worked!

Somewhere in the past year something happened. Well, a lot happened actually. Quit training people (summer; not enough clients), and started a new (sales; thought I’d try) job. Quit that because I couldn’t sell, had no money and do to hour lost over 10lbs in 2 months…not a good 10lbs either. When I quit I was weaker and thinner then I’d been in 2 years (at least).

Did some temp jobs and decided (at almost 30 years old) to go back to school. Been spending the last four months getting the last couple of high school courses I need to go to University to become a Registered Dietician. School has been going well, good marks but money is beyond tight and I’m stressed as shit, and dealing with some sever depression issues. Therefore I’ve been sleeping like crap which is hurting my training and the rest of my life.

Soon I’ll be in University, with OSAP, and that part of my life will at least balance out; but what about the rest?

I’ve realized that the last few months my training hasn’t been what it used to be. I was never ripped or jacked, but I finally took a good look at myself and realized something important…

I’ve become a skinny, fat weakling!!!

My posture and mobility have gotten worse, I’m weaker and chubbier! It’s not the programs fault, the program works. It’s mine!

Sure, I’m probably still stronger and more fit the the “average” person, but maybe I’m not! Even if I am, who gives a shit! I don’t want to be average, I don’t want to look in the mirror and say, “well…at least I’m doing better then that shmuck!”

I don’t want to be normal or average. Sure I may never be as big as CT (not my goal!) or as strong as Wielder and Tate, or as fit as Cressy, and so on…but who cares! I want to wake up every day and know I’m making myself better, trying to be the best I can be and always trying for more. I want to be someone my son can look up to, and when he’s a bit older say “Yeah, that’s MY dad!”.

I was reading 5/3/1 and a lot of what Jim said really hit home. I’ve decided it’s time to stop bullshitting myself. It’s no ones fault but mine. So it’s time to take a stand.

This week I’ll be lifting and testing my max on the big four to set-up my first run of 5/3/1. Since sleep/recovery and nutrition will be an issue for awhile (until finances improve a bit) I plan on doing the Bodyweight Assitance program as this seems to be the easiest on the body and will help em get back into real lifting (at least for a month or two).

I started this thread to put in writing my plan, so I can see my own words and believe them. Feel free to comment or better yet, put your own story about the point in life that made you decide to stop being normal!

Like Jim says in the book, when people ask me how I train and live my life I want to say “I look at what you do, and I do the exact opposite!”

Signing off.

On a side note; whether or not anyone actually read this, I feel a hell of a lot better for finally writing it down.

Glad you had this “revelation” of sorts. I think you will do well. Good luck in lifting and life.

Fuckin right man. I sent you a reply to your message and it showed me you just posted this.

Like I mentioned I’m 36 but half assed trained for 18 years. I decided to get back in the gym last year when I, finally, at 35 finished up college classes to get my BS. I no longer had excuses to not workout. I have a nice gym in my basement that I have acquired over the years (the only good part about being a “lifter”, but never lifting. I picked up great deals on equipment and can do pretty much anything basic right at home). No studying. No driving to the gym. No membership dues. No BS.

I just tooled around for the first few months, got my strength back, and started feeling better overall. Even though I read it so many times I did not have my diet in order. I fixed that by adding a gallon of milk every day and eating at least three solid meals and a grow shake somewhere in between. At 6’2" I have a fast metabolism so for me to gain I need north of 4000 cals per day.

Then I read 5/3/1 and it just made sense. The information out there can be overwhelming with tempos, one author saying X works great and the next author saying X sucks. Jim lays it out there and you realize that lifting does not need to be complex. Eat, sleep, train the big four lifts. If you have the coin for some fancy supplements great, but they don’t do a damn bit of difference if you don’t bust your ass and eat right to begin with.

Get on 5/3/1 and each work out you can break rep records and when you do punch it into the formula to get a rough idea on how your 1rm is now looking. You feel good every week braking records. Even if you don’t break records you realize I just added 5 or 10lbs to that lift from last week and I still got the same number or reps or I only got one less. Pretty sweet accomplishment. I know the formula is not exact science, but its in the ballpark and makes you feel damn good about yourself and what you are doing. When you are having a shitty day just go in, hit the core lift hard and go home. Like Jim says you probably did more than most of the people in the gym who are doing BB curls in the power rack.

Inside of my sixth run through 5/3/1 the formula is telling me I’m up 80 deads, 60 squat, 20 on bench and overhead press. I know I’m not going to make this good of progress again, but all that matters to me is I’m getting stronger faster than ever and I’m still better than a majority of the fat assed lazy people out there. And while I may not look like some of the people you mentioned, I don’t want to either. I want to be strong as fuck and live north of vag.

Keep in touch my friend. Maybe you’ll need some motivation at some point and maybe I will to.

@Chris87; Thanks. It took a little bit to finally admit some of those things to myself but I’m glad I did.

@hatda02; I just sent a reply and checked the forums to see you posted here. Glad to here things are progressing for you man. Keep it up, and let me know how the lifts go. Like a lot of the guys on here have said, including Jim and TC, it’s not about being as good as so and so, it’s about being as good as YOU can be, and that’s what I want to strive for. I’ll always admire the strength, physique or determination of other lifters, but I’m not them. I don’t have their lives. I have mine, and I want it to be the best it can be.

Cheers gents.

I like to move south…towards the vag