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Moving man

Hi all.
Its me again.

On weekends I worl for a furniture and flee market store. I load boxes full of knick nacks, pots pans, glassware, you get the idea. And then furniture and the like.

Stoves, washers, dryers, beds, desks you egt the idea. Now I can handle everything so far. And on the heavy appliances i have a dolly to use.

BUT some stuff I would like to handle better, or easier.

I had to get a dolly for a trash compactor. I could get it out of the house, but not haul it to the trailer. And beds are a might combersome, without my helper. (the owner. A 76 year old man, who is in no way shape or form frail, cept he has a bad back, but he is still very strong, at least for a senior citizen.)

Anyways, there should be a moving man program. A specilization program so to speak. I would like to be bale to throw a fridge or washer on my should and haul it to the trailer. But baring that, jsut added strength in a real world application.

Throwing some o-lifts in w/ your work-out… ect… focus on your lower back and abs… Try the strogmen workouts…

Hope this helps…

Where do I find these strongmen work outs?

Dude, most of it is in the technique. Maybe not what you want to hear, but IMO the BEST way to learn lifting of household items would be to get a bit of work with a removal company. I worked for Allied for a while, and it’s 90% technique! Some of the dudes there were 5’2" and max 120lbs soaking wet. They handled grand pianos like they were made of styrafoam! I learned a lot about how to carry washing machines, beds, closets etc. Also useful to learn how to use those long lifting straps- priceless.

Unlike the poster above, I’m not sure OL’s would be specifically suited to this function. It is controlled lifting you’re needing here, and nothing to above head height. I would say if anything, basic PL’s would be more useful.

Just my 10c. Hope it helps. SRS

I can see a whole Renegade workout built around this- stove tossing, couch rolling, dolly riding etc. Unlimited.

CGB- Great idea. How about adding in there fridge flipping, chair chucking, table twirling, sink swinging…

Couldn’t resist. :-)SRS

SRS, nice ideas. It’s funny to anyone that doesn’t play this game like we all do, but in everything I encounter, I try to think of ways to get a creative work-out in. There really are no limits to what you can come up with. When I’m driving and I see a car in a ditch, my mouth waters. Tree blocking a road? I’m there, if only in spirit. You should see me do home renovations :wink: