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Moving Ipamorelin to Bigger Vial?


I got a 10mg Ipamorelin vial. The only problem is that the vial with the powder (Ipamorelin) only holds 2ml of solution. My question is if I can move it to another bigger vial or a 5ml syringe? I know peptides are sensitive and any movement can destroy the peptide.

Why is this a problem? Add 2ml of water. Congratulations, your solution is mixed. Dose accordingly.

Yes but that is like 0,03ml per dose. Even in an insulin syringe that is very little!
Would like to have like 5ml of water to 10mg of Ipamorelin.

Your dose is 150mcg?

Yeah, 3 units is small, but it’s still measurable in an insulin syringe. I get that’s it’s weird, but you kind of have to roll with it. Other option is to buy a sterile vial, mix 2ml into the powder, transfer that to the empty vial, then add more water to it. That would work, but extra steps and costs make it less attractive.

You can get 3/10th mL syringes that would make that easier.

Yes but could that put wear and tear on the molecules? I imagine that once mixed in the vial it should not be as little movement as possible. If moved around in vials and syringes it may loose some potens.

It’s delicate as a powder, which is why when mixing it you’re told to do so very gently. Once it’s mixed there’s more stability. You can move it from one vial to another if you do it slowly and without shooting the solution into the new vial with a lot of force. It’s totally doable. But you really can just inject the solution you have. What dose are you taking? I ask because I just started using Ipamorelin as well and am curious how others are using it.

I will be using 100mcg morning and 100mcg before bed. On training days I will also take a 100mcg shot 30mins before working out. Yours?

I take 200mcg daily along with 500mcg of GRF 1-29. I take it before bed because I get very flush within a few minutes of pinning and I stay hot for a while. So an AM dose on weekdays would make me just be a sweaty mess at the office for the first hour of my day. But I was initially planning on splitting the dose to twice a day.

Maybe a splitted dose will get rid of your sweatings? I thinkt you get more bang for the buck if splitting the dose! Do you think that the solution could be stored in a big syringe?

Thought about it. Might give it a try just to see how it goes.

And a correction: I wrote the wrong doses. It should be 500 Ipamorelin and 200 GRF.

@iron_yuppie that’s the protocol I’m starting this week. Would you email me so I can talk to you offline. My email is in my profile