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Moving Into a House


Hey Guys,

I'll be a junior in college next fall and me and 7 of my buddies are moving into a house. I know its going to be blast without a doubt. I go to school in florida, so the weather is generally pretty nice too.

I'm posting on here just to get some suggestions for things. My first concern is a bbq, considering I eat tons of meat a week this is pretty much a must. Which bbq do you suggest getting? I'm looking to spend ~100-150 max, considering when you split it 8 ways it comes to 10-120 a person. I would rather get some of your opinions on a bbq then just go pick a random one in that price range.

The BBQ is my main concern, but I'm also posting here to get your opinions on other things we can get to make this house awesome. One of my friends suggested a gazebo. Anything else you guys think would be pretty smart to invest in for the house? Also, we're renting the house, so we can't renovate it or anything like that. Any other suggestions you have for me considering I am used to living in a dorm room, so just basic house upkeep you would recommend?

Thanks for your opinions. They are greatly appreciated.


your concern is a "bbq"? you mean a grill?

and a friend mentioned a gazebo? you movin in with a bunch of gay guys?

how about I dunno, a hot tub? or a big ass tv

gazebo.. lol



Did you really need to create a whole thread for this? You could have just typed in "8 dudes, 1 Gazebo" on Google.


Thanks for your "input"- the gazebo was not my idea- never said I was for or against it - I was just looking for other quirky suggestions.

And by BBQ, yes, I mean a gas grill. Charcoal won't. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


these are awesome...you can use them after you bbq



I've always stolen my gazebos and suggest you do the same


Dang, seven guys in one house, how many rooms are there?

As far as a grill, if you guys are just going to be living together for one year then don't go for anything fancy. Just something that can handle a lot of meat!


First order of business is to kick out the guy who wanted the gayzebo. I can just hear the conversation now:

Dude 1: "Dudes, let's get a sweet grill!"
Dude 2: "Yeah bro, and a waterbed to bang hos on!"
Dude 3: "Ooooh, and let's get a gazebo so we have a place to chat on warm summer nights."

You seriously should have punched him square in the nose the second that came out of his mouth.


^^^ Made me LOL that was great

I haven't seen him yet we're all just posting things in a chat on facebook online.

Does anyone have a specific grill recommendation though, or is any grill from 100-150 pretty much crap so it really doesnt matter? I really don't even know what to look for in one of these things. I saw a three burner one on walmart.com or something.


that's what the gazebo is for silly


Depends on what you want. A charcoal grill will be a cheaper cheaper buy up front, but could be more expensive in the long run because the fuel costs more. But cooking steaks on a charcoal grill will give you better flavor than a gas or electric grill.


I don't really have recommendations for shit to buy, because everyone has different tastes and what not.

But try to take it all in stride. That is going to be one motherfucking dirty house.


Nothing a good cleaning montage won't fix.