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Moving Hands Futher Out with Heavier Squats


The heavier the load I use while squatting causes me to want to move my hands out further along the bar for balance. This is fine during the squat but when it comes time to rack it becomes an issue. Nothing like racking 315 on you hand to get your attention. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to avoid it(besides the obvious which is just don't do it)?

Thanks for your advice.


I'm no expert, but the way I understood it the closer your hands the tighter your upper back and the tight the back the better the weight balances on your back. There should be no need to widen your grip the more weight you add.

Can someone shed some light on this subject.


Just curious but how much do you actually squat.


watch powerlifting videos. They grip the bar real wide. Grip it where youre comfortable. Work on your flexibility. ANd when it comes time to rack it just move your hands out of the way. Theres really nothing else to be done. Spastic people usually dont make it far in athletic endeavors.


If the bar has standard knurling entry points Then just grab it a thumbs width out from the smooth and pull yourself under. I find that this close grip squat keeps your upper back tighter. In my statistical experience i find that the upper back is the first break point for most beginners. Upper back awareness is low during the squat. Keep it tight.

Balalnce shouldnt be an issue if you grab the bar evenly.



Yesterday: 330 lbs 5,4,4

Not sure of my max. Like I said I could be mistaken. It has been my expirince and from what I read, widening my grip does nothing for me. My like I say, I am no expert and certainly not a powerlifter


Don't know if I'm technically spastic just slightly fatigued after a set.


Cool, I will give that a shot and see if I am just not keeping tight.


From what my mentor and coach has told me it doesnt really matter where you put your hands the important thing to remember is to always grip the hell out of the bar and keep your elbows pulled forward, This will help keep your chest high and back locked in.

Coach is Jesse Rodgers SPF Founder and president Elite Masters Lifter. Just so you dont think its the advice of some fitness instructer.


I just put my hands where it feels most natural, which for me happens to be with my pointer finger on the rings.


I reread my post. For clarity. I didnt mean to imply that just because huge powerlifters take a wide grip that all people should. Gripping where your comfortable is what matters. If one needs to work on flexibility to achieve optimal form, then so be it.

But quickly bringing your hands off the bar as you drop it into the rack shouldnt be that difficult. Or get a spotter to help you rack it.