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Moving from US to Australia. How to Continue TRT and Get HCG + AI?


@Chalk Dr Z tends to do the initial consult, a follow up two or three months later, and then every six months after that.


Your doctor doesn’t have much experience prescribing HCG, you never inject more than 500ius at one time in conjunction with TRT, maybe to kickstart the testicles after stopping TRT, but not long term. 250iu twice weekly may not be enough to make a difference.

Standard dosing is 250iu EOD, 300-500 2-3 times weekly. You can even do 50-150 every day in the morning.


I can dose it however I like, to some degree. He said I could just have a 1500iu shot every few weeks and that should be OK. Doesn’t sit right with me though. Whether I do 250iu every other day or 300 twice a week, my problem is actually to do with mixing it up, storing it without it going bad. Why is this so hard, I’m so sick of Australia being so far behind with this stuff!


You need to find a real doctor that understands this TRT stuff, this one is clueless.

HCG has a half life of 24-36 hours, so now the protocols above make more sense. Doctors should know the half life of the drug they are prescribing.

I imagine you only have a handful of knowledgeable hormone specialists in Australia.


There are a few things doctors don’t even know about HCG, that it suppress the top half of the testicles while stimulating the bottom half which is why HCG monotherapy doesn’t work for a lot of guys. Then TRT is needed.

Also regarding E2 control, anastrozole can’t effect E2 inside the testicles, so if you find yourself increasing the AI and no change in levels… It also doesn’t cross over into the brain. You can add FSH and LH to a TRT protocol for fertility, but can be expensive.

Perhaps your doctor is the best there is to offer, he will learn. This stuff isn’t taught in medical school, everything is learned through clinical experience, trial and error.


Primoteston Depot 125 every 5 days?

Since this isn’t covered under PBS, can I ask how much is it costing you and for how long did he prescribe it for?


I’ll be on that indefinitely, until I want to have kids, and it’s about 30 bucks for a box of 3x250mg.


I’ve finally got it sorted. Found a compounding pharmacy that deal with this for many others. Got my doc to fax them a script. I’ll be able to get a vial of 5000iu for $160 for doses of 250iu twice a week!


I’m in Melbourne and have gone through hell n back with my health n Docs. Can somebody pleased provide me details on Dr Z? I’m all fucked up unfortunately…


@theninja you need to arrange the appointment with Dr Zentner through the Point Walter Medical Centre in WA.


He does monthly clinics in Melbourne, the next is on 20th September, so if you can arrange blood work you could potentially see him next week.


Thanks! Managed to find it and all booked in :smiley:


Glad to hear that, and I hope that it goes well.


Apparently there is a shortage on Primoteston atm! Hope there is another way around it… Just spoke to the compounding pharmacy and they said it will take them months to work on an alternative :thinking:


It’s not easy to find a doctor prepared to prescribe TRT in oz because the medical board has gone hard on those that do. The best way to put an end to your own TRT is to throw your doctor under the bus on a public forum…