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Moving from US to Australia. How to Continue TRT and Get HCG + AI?

I’m going to be moving from the US to Australia.
In the US, my treatment plan with a TRT clinic involves the usual:
T + HCG + (if needed, an AI).

I know there are TRT style clinics in Australia, but they don’t seem to provide the HCG or AI component at all. I really do need the HCG because I’m in my 30s and haven’t had kids yet, and would really like to some day (a while from now).

Are there any clinics in australia that provide injectable HCG? I know some provide DROPS which are for people trying to lose weight, I’m not interested in that.

On a secondary note, how do men in Australia even go through legal TRT at a doctors office? If they only use the T, that means they are all gravely risking their fertility and gynecomastia?


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Really, I have never heard of any TRT clinics here in OZ. I have seen HCG on the black market for about 99-120 dollars for 5000iu. The TRT doctor I see said he would prescribe HCG if required, but not sure what form he prescribes. My local general practitioner doctor prescribed me testogel at one stage, but most are scared to prescribe anything else as they don’t know enough about it, we are way behind in this area. From stories on here almost all urologist and endocrinologists are bloody hopeless. Working off old studies and data. I’m injecting and using Anastrazole through my TRT doctor. Once you get here, get back on here and let us know where you reside as they might be a good doc in that city.

I’m with the same doctor as @flash74 here in Oz.

The guidelines are that government subsidised TRT won’t be offered unless total testosterone is below 6 nmol/L (173 ng/dL) in two blood tests. Some doctors are unwilling to prescribe to people outside these limits, but it’s not impossible to find one.

The PBS safety net, which is the subsidy I mentioned, caps prices of a medicine to $38.80. Most testosterone preparations come below this if you shop around, with the exception of Reandron, so it doesn’t affect what you’re going to pay.

In terms of medicines, your options are preloaded syringes containing 250 mg of Testosterone Ethanate (Primoteston Depot), Androgel sachets, or Testosterone Undecanoate (Reandron). As far as I can tell, multi-use vials aren’t available, which makes some of the dosing strategies promoted here a bit more difficult.

I’ve been prescribed Anastrozole by my doctor, so you shouldn’t have problems there.

HCG is available as Pregnyl, though I’m not on it. I think that my doctor will prescribe it if asked, but he says that studies have shown fertility is easily recovered, and so doesn’t put patients on it as a matter of course. Incidentally, it’s a lot cheaper when supplied legally than the price that is quoted above.

There’s a place in Moonee Ponds that does HCG. Their testosterone is questionable though.

My experience with GP’s has been that they won’t prescribe Testosterone period. I’ve managed to get anastrozol from a couple of them though

Im with the same doctor as flash and graemsay.

Haven’t started trt yet but when I do it will be on test enthanate.

Currently he does prescribe me hcg. Its not in a vial though so dosing for trt usage @ 250 eod could prove a little difficult.

What dose do you get prescribed?

Moonee ponds sports clinic could be a place to enquire if you are in Melbourne, no PBS subsidy but the bloke who runs it is realistic and easy to talk to.

Haven’t had a problem with the qualtiy of test here

have you had bloods done and what did he prescribe you?

I take 1500 IU HcG every third day. It comes in ampules that you break and mix with 1 ml bac water.

Its a high dosage but my reasons are more fertility related for the time being. Eventually once I start TRT which is inevitable for me I will ask to stay on hcg and ill try mix it myself using new vials and stuff and then do 250 iu eod.

The amp is too small to put 3 ml bac water in it because i was just gonna do 1500 iu @ 3 ml and then 0.5ml would be 250 IU.

I guess 1.5 ml bac water into 1500 iu ampule would work and then inject 0.25 ml eod which would = 250 iu.

If you got onto this you would have to preload 6 syringes each time. As far as I know Australia does not sell hcg in vials. Even the high IU options like 5000 all come in a little ampule

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The anti aging/sports clinics do… they are often compounding pharmacists who prepare everything on the spot for you. The problem with some of them is that it’s tempting to cut corners with their preparations. You are trusting them to give you the correct amount of powder much in the same way you do with UGL

I’ve received radically under dosed test a couple of times, verified by chemical analysis (which wasn’t cheap). You’re very lucky in my opinion to have found a willing doctor who prescribes ‘real’ products, I had a quick look and found who you guys were talking about and I’m going to call him myself


@Chalk do give Dr Z a shout. He should be in Melbourne in about a fortnight, assuming you’re based here.

Someone I know was on TRT from what was described as “a dodgy sports clinic in Essendon”, I don’t know if it was the Moonee Ponds place, but it sounds like it’s up that way. He had a checkup with Dr Z, and told that his protocol could lead to a stroke or heart attack!

He’s now on lower doses, with Anastrozole to keep E2 in check, and it’s a lot cheaper than his previous arrangements to boot.

  Prescribed Sustanon 250mg 1/52 and Growth 1.5 IU per day. Bloods came back med to high for test, can't recal actual numbers but will get back to you when i can access the numbers. Have had full bloods taken approx 3 days ago and will get back to you when i see Rob and discuss the results but i can feel within me i am going real well.
    Before i started at Moonee Ponds I had bloods done at a high profile Dr at South Yarra ah they were under 100 and he stated they were amongst the lowest results he had seen and wanted to prescibe me injectables straight away.
    This was the first time i have gone down this path and have trained consistently and hard for 30+yrs and the difference has been like night and day.
   Rob has a lot of flogsticks as clients and i have heard all sorts of shit but he has a high profile and he has too much to lose to do stupid shit, he has been nothing but straight as a dye with me, he was a breath of fresh hair after some of the knobs that i have seen in the anti aging sector in Melbourne.

I just got off the phone with them and was told the consult would be $295, which isn’t a huge deal if everything went well. My concern is that follow ups might send me broke though lol

How often do you need to pay for a consult once you’re under his therapy?


250mg per week would put most people well over range, have you read the TRT protocol stickie? Please have a read of what 100mg will do…

Also, in Australia our ranges are adjusted for age so you may be even lower than it first looks. Compare your labs and convert to ng/dl using an online calculator.

   Yep mate have read the stickies and  but since starting at this dose i have had no side effects and feel that i have been stable throuhout the week with no dips or other issues, training has been excellent and mood, concentration  and libido has been spot on, no issues with any breast or other side effects.
   My sense of well being is tip top and shit that used to worry just blows past me now, pretty sure i respond well to medium to high test levels, my diet is excellent and sleep like the dead.

sorry about the text box, am trying to get it right

in re to payment, you get the consult, if i recall then bloods, then its only the cost of the test and gh or whatever you require, price for test and gh has remnained stable for as long as i recall.
To out american friend who they also do skype consults

I know it can be expensive but mate once it right, its great, i consult with a guy that is heavily involved in pro bodybuilding here and he isn’t running sustanon but another test at about 200-250 per week and getting excellent results as well, sometimes i think but can’t prove that once you have that solid base of training you can roll with a higher dose but without any of the side efects, sorta like sticking a blower on something that has been strengthen form the crankshaft up.

It’s great that you feel good and that you’re happy, that’s what it’s all about

absolutey mate, will read up and find out, i have never been down this path before and it has been a learning curve but its been a great rip so far!

thanks for your advice and insight