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Moving from Seattle to Denver Within 8 Months


Too long to list all my reasons but:

Anything I should know prior?
Any hidden gem food joints that I should know of?
Any places that are in downtown/close to downtown Denver that are relatively cheap to live?
Cost of living overall?
Small IT companies that are hiring?
I'm single, so where are all the ladies?
Best Olympic Gym to join?
Best hikes?
Will a FWD car with snow tires be ok for the winter?

I don't know anyone there and I'm moving there blindly. I'm going from Oct 1st-6th to check out the city. I've done my research, that's why I picked Denver as the city I'm moving to, but it's always best to hear from people that live/have lived there.

My goal is to move over there by May.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated, thanks!


Hey man, late to the party. My bad! Still making the move?