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Moving from Hypertrophy to Max Strength: Critique my new regimen!


Hello, I am an intermediate lifter in college. I am 5foot4 and 132lbs.

I have been on the same general lifting regimen for the last six months or so, with an emphasis on hypertrophy and muscle striation. Basically, my goal is to look as good as possible. I usually do few compound exercises in lieu of isolation exercises and their variations. Although I hit most muscle groups from multiple angles--and have since packed on noticeable mass--my workouts last on average 1.5-2 hours each. Working with so many exercises, I split them up into multiple workouts: Back/Light Biceps, Chest/Light Triceps, Shoulders/Traps, Bulk Biceps/Triceps and Legs. While this seems like a fairy common program, I recently have begun thinking that I could be more efficient with my exercise choice and time.

Furthermore, my training goal has begun shifting from hypertrophy to maximum strength. I play intramural soccer regularly and feel that gaining too much mass with hinder my game. Instead, I want to further build power, explosion, stability and flexibility, while still maintaing muscle proportion in my workouts. I have thus comprised a program that consists of mainly compound/power exercises and is designed to take not much more than an hour to complete. As a side note, I am hesitant to incorporate additional conditioning and speed-work into my workouts on top of soccer. For the power movements, I plan to adhere to the "10-Rep Rule", while for the rest I plan on doing significantly more reps.

Here is what I've come up with so far:

Face pulls
Power cleans
Bent-over rows

Bench press
Clean and Jerk
Calf Raises

Kettlebell swings
Front squat
One-arm farmers walks

I'm not sold on the face pulls since i've read that they are mainly a rehab exercise. I've put in calf raises in Push as a placeholder for a more viable forth exercise, which I have yet to determine. I would also like to incorporate farmers walks into each workout, but donâ??t want to do too much each day.

Should I preform the three workouts consecutively, or add days of rest in between?
Would front squats and deadlifts be too taxing back to back?
Though I havenâ??t gotten into them yet, Iâ??ve heard that power cleans can be a workout in themselves. Is it smart to incorporate the other exercises that day as well?
Any other critiques or suggestions?

I am open to all feedback. Thank you all for reading.


Not sure what exactly you mean by the 10 rep rule? Could you explain that?

Also, I think that for your goals, the exercise order and selection could be different than you have laid out. IMO


The 10-rep rule says perform no more than 10 reps per power exercise due to strain on the central nervous system. This can be incorporated by 5 sets of 2, 2 sets of 5 or another variation.

As for exercise order and selection, what specially would you alter?


[quote]tungle wrote:
The 10-rep rule says perform no more than 10 reps per power exercise due to strain on the central nervous system. This can be incorporated by 5 sets of 2, 2 sets of 5 or another variation.

As for exercise order and selection, how would you alter it?[/quote]

Oh yea. Dan John usually advocates that for in-season training i think. Great for maintaing strength but I’m not sure if it is optimal for making gains personally.

If I were you I would probably get on an upper/lower split with 1 day of each focused on maximal strength and 1 day of each focused on explosive strength. maybe something like:

Day 1) Upper explosive -

A) Push press - ramp up to about 70 percent of 1RM and perform 5x3 at that weight

B) Speed bench w/ a close grip - same deal as above

C) Incline DB press - 3 sets of 8-12 ‘bodybuilding style’

D) pull ups - 5x8-10

E) Rear delt flyes - 4x12

Day 2) Lower explosive -

A) Powerclean or powersnatch - Ramp up to a hard single. making small jumps in weight so that you get in a good amount of volume

B) Speed deadlift - ramp to 70 percent of 1RM and do 5 singles

C) Leg extension - 3x10-12 reps. bodybuilding style

D) Standing calf raises - 4x10

Day 3) rest

Day 4) Upper Strength

A) Bench press - 5x3 at a weight that you struggle to get all sets

B) Military press - 4x6

C) Lateral raises - 3x12

D) Barbell rows - 4x10

E) Face pulls - 3x12-15

Day 5) Lower strength -

A) Squat - 5x3. same as bench

B) Good mornings - 4x6

C) Kettle bell swings - 2-3 rounds of 20-30 swings

E) Leg curl - 4x8

F) Seated calf raise - 3x15

Something along those lines…


I like the upper/lower explosive, upper/lower strength split. Thanks for the input!


male or female?


[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
male or female?[/quote]