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Moving Away From Family

So I’ve just recently been thinking about my future (im about to turn 20) and if I want to move away from my home, where I’ve lived within 40 miles of the same place my whole life. And honestly, im torn. I don’t love this place, I want to get out, see the world, live on the coast, get away from this freaking wind.

But what stops me is I’ve done a lot of thinking and realized that family is really all you have in life, and if I move from here I’ll rarely see my family.

Im not particularly close to my family, and as is right now since im in college I only see my dad/brother once a month or so until summer, and my sister once a year since shes overseas. But still, I know if I ever needed them they’re just an hour away.

I guess I wanted to ask how many of you moved far away from your parents? Why? Do you regret it? If it wasn’t for my Dad, I would move to the coast the second I graduated college. We might not be really close, but he gave up a lot for me. Just the thought of moving far away is hard.

Move. You can still return to see your family a few times a year. You will appreciate the time spent with them when you do visit and you will grow as a person as you go along on your travels.

Uncle Bird.


Move. Live life outside of the little box you live in. Sometimes it may be hard, but luckily with the way life is now and technology and travel it’s really not hard to still maintain your relationship with your family while living far away. I think if anything, my relationship improved when I moved away.

You’ve heard of these things called phones? Ring your mum and dad once a week, its considered good manners and marks you out as a considerate son.

So move to the coast, its not F’ing Mars.

I’m willing to bet it is more about a fear of change than missing your family. Don’t be scurred.

That said, I was born in Houston and live in Houston. I have lived elsewhere but when networking for jobs a few years ago, my strongest network was in my hometown of course, which happens to be a giant metroplex full of opportunity.

When I was gone though, I had a great time meeting people, checking out new stuff et cetera.

Take the plunge, expand your horizons, etc. I think everyone should move away from their hometown at least for a little while, even if it’s just to the nearest major city. It’s good to see other places and it’s a good challenge to make it all on your own, and with the phone, email, and IM/texting, you never feel that far from family.

I grew up in the Boston area and moved to Phoenix for a job seven years ago, but was going out west, regardless. I don’t regret it at all. No one else in my extended family has moved further than NYC. I go home for the holidays and sometimes during the summer, and my folks come out here once or twice a year. What I miss most besides my immediate family is all my fellow asshole Boston sports fans.

Nothing is permanent. You can live away from home for a month or a decade, it doesn’t matter. It will still be there if you want to go back.

I had a kid and moved out at 17 graduated HS at 17 also. Never been back, I love my family, BUT I have always wanted to do my own thing answer to the least amount of people.

If you make every decision in life with regards how it will effect your family you will always be short changing yourself.

[quote]Derek542 wrote:

If you make every decision in life with regards how it will effect your family you will always be short changing yourself. [/quote]

Solid advice.

Move. It’s worth the challenges and experiences. Visit and keep in contact with those that you love and appreciate them. Life is too short to wonder what could have been.