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Moving a Nautilus Double Chest

Ok, have a double chest(OG) waiting for me when i want to pick it up. It weighs 1280lbs or there abouts. Same as the duo squat i brought home last month, which was not fun. Anybody move them and can give some suggestions. Want to stay away from removing the weight stack, have heard thats not the way to go. Help!

I’ve moved a few things a couple of times, and sometimes it just takes what it takes, no matter what some other guy said.

Don’t hamstring yourself with what someone else said one time about a thing that may or may not apply.

Good luck! Take lots of pictures (for re-assembly).

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Rent a truck with a lift gate and a pallet jack. Jack the thing up, put it on a pallet, strap it down, use the pallet jack to move it. Easy peasy

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Time was I could bribe any number of gym buddies into helping move anything (dead bodies?) with a pizza or two, but that sounds pretty daunting…

Is it just a matter of convenience not wanting to remove the weight stacks? I have a cable unit in my garage and everytime I’m out there, I realize that if I ever redo the garage I"m gonna have to take the entire piece apart (weight stacks constituting most of the ~900 lbs total weight) and later reassemble it.


Its an original Nautilus machine. I would have to split the chain to start the process. Just not wanting to worry about issues with a 30 yr old chain. Just looking for an easier way. I take the weight stack off, it still leaves 800lbs of machine(1280 total wt)

Yeah - its a big project dismantling a Nautilus machine - I get it.

I would get a large bar, step up setting it on 2x4s until you get to a good height.
rent (or buy) some furniture dollys (machine dollys may be too heavyweight for it)
set it back down on the dollys and roll it out to the truck with the liftgate. If the unit is too big to fit on a liftgate, then rent a trailer that has a short ramp
also rent a come-along to drag it up the ramp.
its a process, but it is not insurmountable

Thx for the suggestions guys. I do have a pallet jack that we’ve used to move the other pieces. Worried about the awkward shape of the double chest. The duo squat we took off the carriage part from the unit which made it more maneuverable.