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All the talk is about Spiderman, is anybody else getting fired up for Deuces Wild?

(Ducks to avoid Patricia running face first into this thread.)

Incredulous look Man, oh Man - tomorrow ain’t Friday - it’s Spider-Day!!!

Patricia *who can't BELIEVE someone is mentioning a movie that's NOT Spider-Man*


Deuces Wild big yawn! Spider Man Rules!!!

To those of you obsessed with Spiderman, GROW UP! Haven’t you got better things to do with your life other than obsess over some stupid cartoon character turned movie? just like Batman and Star Wars. You guys are so childish. After you see spiderman, will you feel so good about yourself? Oh, anyone wanna touch me? I saw spiderman.

10:30PM tonight. My Spider-Senses are all over the radar today…:wink:

And remember, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!!!!


Hey Don, just remember one thing: at the end of the day, no one likes you. :slight_smile:

Nah, nah nee nah, nah, wah, wah, wah…ooops, sorry, acting childish :wink: blah, blah, blah, wah, wah…just can’t stop myself…

Patricia *who's glad that she can STILL enjoy her childish side with movies like Spider-Man!*

Actually Don, do have better things to do,but ecided to make room in my busy schedule. I am able to sneak Spiderman in between, “jumping in mud puddles” and “howling at the moon”. Sorry dude some of us will never grow up. Gotta go look for some snakes and bugs.

Don is party pooper, Don is a party pooper! Im taking my toys and going home nah nah nah! Btw with an attitude like yours I’ll bet you have no friends! Now it’s time to go see Spider Man !!!