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Movies You're Sucked Into Watching


Anyone have a movie or movies that you get sucked into watching everytime they are on tv? Everytime I see Walking Tall on tv I end up watching it, even though I have seen it tons of times already.


Inherit the Wind, starring Spencer Tracy.

clip is 9 minutes long, and that 9 minutes is better than all the drivel out there today.


I don't care if people think the movie assaults one's intelligence or you can find faults with everything that happens in the movie but Forrest Gump is that movie for me. It can be five minutes in or five minutes from the end of the movie and I will watch it I think it is that good. Other movies that I can watch non stop are T2 and Caddy Shack.


Shawshank Redemption.

just the other day I was checking my "can't buy me love" file to make sure it was the real movie. skipped 20 mins in to check and ended up watching the whole thing. great movie

there are others but these 2 came to mind


Remember the Titans.



What's the deal with the movie Kickboxer and.....being on TV? I've watched it probably 25 times. I used to like it as a kid but getting older I realize that its pretty gay. Most of the time Van Damme is jumping around in an oily loin cloth and sprinkling Thai toddlers with water in a playful yet seductive manner. And then the bar scene.....apparently wearing pleated khaki pants and a string-backed tank top make you a hit with the local ladies.


lol, yeah that one sucks me in too.


Clash Of the Titans, Sniper, Dodgeball, Goodfellas, Casino, Napoleon Dynamite and Waiting. Everytime they come on I watch them.




Waiting. Yes, I've seen that movie a million times.

Joe dirt and Saving silverman used to be on comedy central all the time and I always watched them....but thats because I love those movies.


Star Wars, The Departed, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and of course, The GodFather




It's funny that i get sucked into watching movies on tv that i have on dvd.


Lol this happened last nite with Conan the barbarian. It also happens with Conan the destroyer.


Out Cold

Running Scared

Hebrew Hammer

Pootie Tang

back when i was a kid Bloodsport and Big Trouble in Little China used to be on all the time


Catch me if you can


Every single time Lethal Weapon comes on, The Matrix, American Psycho, Conan the Barbarian.


oh please, like Speed hasn't been played on TV more than all of these combined

oh, my god, the bus is going to jump over what???? ahhhhh, nooooo, everyone move to the left side of the bus.....ahhhhh, punch it Sandra Bulock


Cool Hand Luke,Deliverance to names a couple.

I think the newest movie that will suck me in will be Gran Torino.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Die Hard 1, Lethal Weapon 1, Star wars