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Movies That Shouldn't Be Remade


Was reading in MuscleMag the other day Commando and Total Recall are being remade. The guy who stared in Avatar and Terminator Salvation will be the lead.

Anyone else think that only Arnold could pull those movies off?

What other movies? The latest Karate Kid was a travesty IMO, never did nor will I watch it.


I heard that Karate Kid was pretty awesome.

As far as the topic is concerned remakes are the lifeblood of hollywood, some of them suck balls some of them are pretty good.

We gotta accept that nothing is Sacred, especially in Hollywood.


I don't think Arnie is essential to Total Recall but he is for Commando

I also heard there's an unnecessary remake of Highlander coming.


I look forward to Total Recall with contemporary special effects.

Outside of say, Russel brand, i don't give a shit who is the lead, lol. It should be awesome


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You like Highlander?


I ll just put some of my favorite movies who no one should ever try to remake. Not a big chance since the remakes are usually action or sci fi which ill watch but could care less about.

The Godfather
The Usual Suspects
Dazed and Confused
Happy Gilmore
Aladdin-yes I am serious who could top Robin Williams
and since it came up the other day Purple Rain


Man this is Madness! Highlander is perfect for a "LOR" type of remake.

A Trilogy start fresh. Follow some immortals thru time until even though they are friends in the end there can only be "1"

Yeah Highlander was a good sat matinee type flick but it can be remade better


Wait a damn minute!

The first Highlander is perfect and probably the greatest movie of all time!

Could they re-make it and actually get a Scotsman to play Connor McCloud? Yes and I would watch it. I pray that they can keep the core ideas of the film.


Sure! Why wouldn't I? You think I'm some sort of movie snob? :slightly_smiling:


If they are doing Highlander I hope the Willow remake is not far behind. Acting midgets do not get work nowadays like they used to.


We are officially friends.

There Can Be Only One!


Greatest movie of all ti... WHAT?? , man I hope you were cumming inside inside of A superstar hot chick when you had that thought.

It was a good Low budget flick, hell it was a great low budget sci-fi flick but greatest naaaaa.

Cool factor was a 10 but it is an idea that can be remade better.

Keep some of the origin of the immortals a mystery, upgrade the action an it could bet amazing


"There can be only one!"
That is so true for the Highlander franchise isn't it? I don't even really like the TV show.


Is going back in time allowed, so we can make sure Conan the Destroyer never happened?


Highlander would be dope. I actually like the guy who stared in Avatar, but he needs to pack on some mass if he's going to fill Arnold's shoes.

My movie that should not be remade: Army of Darkness.


No, that pillar of salt should be left to stand as a warning to all those that try To PG a Conan movie


There's only be a handful of times where I wanted to fight someone on T-Nation. This is one of those times.

You're cut off, Four60.


I actually watched the show first and loved it. Then I watched the movie and loved it. Only two Highlander films I can't stand: Highlander 2 and The Source.


Escape From New York. I would like to see a re-make, but they couldn't do the original justice.


No way your telling me that, you think Highlander is un touchable for a retelling/remake?

I think the idea is to big for one movie it should be 3 movies 1 with him and his egyption guide (Sean Connery) teaching him blade skills an the way of the imortals
2nd Movie him thru the 1800's fighting with his own group of immortal friends

3rd flick Battle Royal