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Movies that could have been great

I was channel surfing the other day and came across the movie of Starship Troopers. Now i don’t know how many of you have read the book, but it was a great book with themes of social and personal responsibility, along with some great action. However the few parts of the movie that I watched was filled with horrible PC, semi-romantic, teen-pop bullshit. I couldn’t believe they had ruined a great book like this. Which made me wonder if there were other movies I had seen which didn’t do justice to the book or story it was based on. Two films that come to mind are Relic, which had alot of information about genetics and anthropology, but became a horrible monster movie, and Congo, which had alot of information about genetics, technology, and some information about africa, but the movie was some kind of techno-fiction that did not do justice to the book.

I totally disagree. I think Starship troopers is one of the best T-movies ever made; great special effects, scary giant bugs, crazy hot chicks (some of whom get naked), hilariously bad acting and one-liners, and tons and tons and tons of gore and violence. What more could you want?

Dune. The first one, though it had good acting, left almost half the book as a two-line voice-over with some hazy action on the screen. That is one movie that needed to be around 4 hours or more to do it justice. I haven’t seen the second attempt, but I’m sure it couldn’t be any worse.

You can’t justify making a horrible movie out of a good book by throwing in some soft-core porn (which they don’t show on network tv anyway). I have a gf who loves sex, so i really don’t need the naked chicks in the movie.

The Firm by John Grisham. Book was good, Movie was good until they decided to go with the “hollywood” ending and went in a differnt direction than in the book.

Hannibal was terrible, especially when compared to The Silence of the Lambs. I know Hannibal wasn’t a better book than Silence either, but man, they just ruined the thing. Somehow Clarice really changed the way she looked between the two movies as well. :0

The second Dune is great! Trust me, I am an avid Dune fan like yourself. This film did the movie justice; it is more of a miniseries than a movie, so it is plenty long enough.

The Enemy at the Gates had perhaps as much potential as any recent movie. If you know the history behind this story, it’s really freakin amaing someone else didn’t already make a movie about it. However, the film was spolied by bad acting and a cheesy love story, a la Armagedon.

For me I thought Reign of Fire would have been the ultimate movie if they showed the Dragons torching the world ala ID4.

Another one was Signs. Excellent job of building the suspence... but Water? A alien race that can make their ships invisable in our atmosphere, can't figure out that our planet is covered 2/3rds in which a compound that hurts/kills them?

I agree about Enemy at the Gates. I was so pissed leaving the theatre. Oh well, we did get to see rachel weisz’s ass.

I agree, they really messed up starship troopers. In the book the soldiers had mobile suits that helped them get around and carry weapons. In the book the main character talks about using his last nuke on a target. Then in the movie they show up and fight civil war style. Line up and slug it out with rifles… such a pity

“The Replacement Killers” keeps popping into my head, but I’m not sure why. I think it had a good premise, good leads, and an okay director, but the script sucked. Or something. A lot of movies are ruined by bad writing. Which to me, just shows that there’s way too much laziness in Hollywood. Why even bother to make a movie with a bad script?

Just thought id throw in my two cents - i gotta say i agree that the film hannibal was a let down in comparison with the book - im sure that the idea of Ms Starling tucking into some frontal lobe, and running of with hannibal was just a little bit to risque so they left it out… my other big one would be the chamber - this book by John Grisham is one hell of a read but on film really didnt cut it…

I enjoyed “Kiss the Girls,” but “Along Came a Spider” was a let down compared to the book. Morgan Freeman is a good actor, but is too old for the part of Alex Cross. It doesn’t allow any of the sexual tension that was part of the book.