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Movies that Actually Scare You


I've been a fan of horror movies since I was a kid, I have a large collection of horror movies from japan, tailand, usa etc.... but in recent years I have been very disapointed by the new horror movies that keep coming out.... no suspense, no senese of danger, no good story etc...

Sooooo in your opinion what are the best horror/suspense movies of all time (you know the ones that make you scared of sleeping alone)


Go see "Insidious"; then lie and say it didn't scare you (or at least make you jump).


Event Horizon
Ju-on (Japanese "The Grudge")

Pet Semetary caused a lot of sleepless nights for me as a kid


13 Ghosts (was in college when I saw that)

Wrong Turn (not too scary but did creep me out, again was in college near WV mountains)


Insidious sucked. Weak plot, terrible acting, some good jump moments, but nothing that stuck with me after the movie.

The Descent
The Thing
The Changeling


I saw the original Halloween and it's sequel when I was 12ish and Michael Myers haunted my dreams for years. I constantly had to tell myself it was only a movie as in the back of my mind I always felt like he was right behind me. After I got over that fear, the Halloween franchise become one of my favorite.

As far as recent movies, Insidious was a well thought out film for the most part and I got a few jumps out of it.


When the emaciated mother scuttles towards the camera...the things nightmares are made of


Seen it twice, nice movie but is a clasical "jumper" , you know those movies that are not scary but the build up and the sudden scares make you jump XD


The original Exorcist scared DA FUCK outta me. Granted I was young, but holy fuck I was a changed boy after that movie.

Also Jaws 3, I swear watching that in the 6th grade made me never want to swim again.


No horror movies, unfortunately.

However, I shit you not, the scariest movie you will EVER watch is "Jesus Camp." So very not kidding.


Yeah same here :S same with that Piranha movie that came out last year.


I was scared shitless by Jaws. I watched it with my dad when I was about 7 or 8. The next day he took us all to the beach. That's a nice little window into my childhood.


You can put me in a house alone during a storm and I can watch the worst slasher(man killing man) movie that exists. But when it comes to spirits or demons, Im a little girl. I cant sleep for nights. The Exorcist and the Grudge really got to me.




Jacobs Ladder


Insidious, exorcism of emily rose, event horizon and some stephen king movie I watched as a kid, (the plague I think?) all got to me.


Saw both "Event Horizon" and the original "Exorcist" heading into high school and really bought into them as scary movies going in (which I think is crucial-the wrong mindset and you shouldn't even bother)...and was seriously freaked after each. Saw them later though and upon a second viewing they weren't nearly as scary. I'm going to monitor this thread though because I've been craving some good horror movies lately.


When I was 9, the first Terminator scared the motherfuck out of me. Arnold was ruthless, especially in the police station. That scene fucked me up for whatever reason.

I haven't been spooked, you know the kind, like completely spooked since the first SAW. Dread Pirate Roberts having to cut his foot off, poor Monica Potter on the phone, then that supposedly dead motherfucker comes alive??? What?????

That was the last time I was actually short of breath in a theater because of what was happening on screen.

Sorry I don't have any original or obscure recommendations, I'm sure everyone has seen those two by now.


The Stand, haha. Good book.


I know it's just a TV show and not a movie, but the scariest shit I have ever watched, ever, is The Hills.