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Movie Trivia: What Movie?


I remember there is a boxing movie (this movie was released quite a few years back) where the antagonist (bad guy) wears something similar to a "tutu" in all his matches and he acts stupid and is crazy. Anyone know what movie I am talking about? I remember it was a horrible boxing movie.


Or maybe it wasn't a tutu? I can't remember exactly but damn it, I remember the scenes but not the friggin' name of the movie!


I have no idea what movie you are referring to... but my imagination is now picturing Mr. T going nuts in a boxing ring in a pink tutu, this is not a good picture to have stuck in your head...bugger.


I wish your avatar showed more hooterage. I stare at it, and keep hoping that at least one of the twins will pop out next time, but they never do.


The only tutu memory that comes to mind in a movie is the Toxic Avenger one.


Can you remember any of the actors names?


Was it "Get Smoochie"??



Sounds like Andy Kaufman, but that wasn't boxing movie.


Maybe the Great White Hype

Or Play it to the Bone


No man... I checked all the movies listed and I don't see it.

Bluh, I wish I remembered more of the movie, I don't even know the cast!

I just remember the bad dude was a crazy mofo who smacks his head with his gloves a lot and just corners his opponents and pummels them... That and he wears something similar to a tutu.

Oh, and it was a sh*tty movie...


This is driving ME crazy now. Is there any other details you can think of? I have to figure this one out. ANY details at all will help!!

Was it Gladiators(with Cuba Gooding Jr)?


I think one of the Meatballs movies had some Italian guy wearing a tutu while he boxed, not sure though


I remember that one. Not the name, though. Had a plot along the lines of Karate Kid. Anyone?


I agree, it wasn't exactly a tutu. Something similar to what Michael McDonald is wearing in the pic above, if I am not mistaken.


was it kickboxer?? with vandamnit??


If I remember right, the monkey kung-fu-type guy in Bloodsport wore something like that.

Any chance you remember any of the lines from the flick?

What general timeframe would you say it came out? Early 80's? Late 80's? Mid-90's?


In that movie the Quest, the bad guy wears some goofy balloon pants outfit.


This guy is supposed to be a legit boxer. I think this quote is dated from around 1998. Doesn't sound like any movie is modeled after this one tho.

There's a fighter in Los Angeles named Baez, a welterweight, who wears a tutu to every bout. A traditional pink tutu, usually, like a ballerina's, though he's also got a black and white tutu that he sometimes wears for variety. This Baez is a uniformly dreadful fighter, but he's fast enough to dance away from his opponent for three or four rounds, hooting at the crowd, pointing at his tutu. In the fifth or sixth round, invariably, Baez gets pummeled, though his handlers always try to make sure none of his own blood gets on his tutu. Baez is on cable at least once a month; he is what passes these days for a charismatic boxer.

\|/ 3Toes


I think I might have it...There was a movie back in the early 80's or maybe even late 70's...it's with Dennis Quaid and his dream is to be a Tough Man fighter...He also sang some country songs or something...Is that it? I have no idea what the title is though.


IMDB says it's called "Tough Enough". It sounds familiar, but I haven't seen it all the way through and don't remember a character like that.