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Movie: The Jacket

 Saw a great film last night and I thought I'd pass on the recommendation. "The Jackert" (2004). It is classed as a psychological thriller.

The wife picked it up, and we were expecting a B-grade cheese horror film. I was pleasantly surprised that we were wrong.

Without going into to much detail, a Gulf War vet is declared criminally insane. He is put in an institution and given unconventional treatment. This treatment somehow allows him to alter the threads of reality.

This movie has some elements and a similar feel as "Twelve Monkeys", "Momento" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest."

Anyway, to keep this short,definetely a good movie worth renting. Different from most of those on the shelf. Interesting, trippy and suspenseful.

Let me know what you think.


I saw this one about a month ago. Very good. Definitely a thinker, definitely not a stare at the screen and veg type of movie. I give it three thumbs up.


Could you please tell me how it ends?


I saw it. I didn't really like it. I got most of the whole time travel thing ya it was trippy but I couldn't follow all of it maybe your just smarter than me


The Jacket is a movie that feels like the first draft of a really good film. After watching the film, it seemed like a lot of movie about very little. It is a film very similar to Jacob's Ladder, a movie that was more emotionally complex and had a better vision for its story. The Jacket is not a bad movie, it just feels like it needs a couple of rewrites to flesh out a story that is more involving.


Saw it also. I liked it alot. Keira Knightley ain't bad either.


Great movie....Not much "air" play in the theaters, but very much worth watching..