Movie star diet

Where can i read the article on movie star dieting and training?

It was in a Ron Harris article. Can’t remember where at T-mag, though. Use the magic search engine.

I think most movie stars just starve themselves and do lots and lots of coke.

Yeah, or amphetamin, works wonders I’ve heard, our grandmothers used to use it back then, when it was legal, and went crazy when it was outlawed.

Another phony thread?..This question cannot be real!!

JRR- I think it’s real. Ron Harris did comment on the diet- really tore into of course and talked about how most of the Hollywood crowd are anorexics or on drugs, hence the wave of thinness weeeping across TV and movies. I’m sure that’s what the guy means. Hopefully no one who reads T-mag would actually be interested in that idiot diet.

The frightening thing is you are probably right…it is a real post.

“They’re all hopped up on beer and painkillers!”

man, some people are quick to judge! nowhere in that question does the author say that he wants to try the diet and training strategies. he is simply asking where he can find the article. maybe he is doing research. maybe he is curious. maybe he really does want to try it. regardless, dont assume. in response to the original “real” post, ron harris mentions it in “if they had the balls” in issue 138. peace

I love the ads in magazines for the Hollywood Celebrity Diet. It looks like it’s just two quarts of that orange flavored fiber drink stuff. Yeah, you’ll lose ten pounds in two days if you drink it, but you’ll be on the toilet the whole time. It really makes me wonder who still believes in these “miracle cures” ?