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Movie Sequels Better Than Originals?


Yes! I loved the first one. The others were fun, but for me the first was the best. I don’t know why ( well yeah, I’m old) I couldn’t remember Age of Extinction it just wasn’t coming to me.
When they first released it, I thought, you have got to be kidding me! They remaking a cartoon. :roll_eyes: After I watched it… That was cool as shit! Loved it!
Thank you!


The Devil’s Rejects…


I’m going to get flamed for this and can’t believe I’m saying it myself:

True Grit

Jeff Bridges Cogburn was way less likeable and allot more like what you’d expect an alcoholic frontier “lawman” would be like.


We are talking sequels. Not! of this blasphemy of which you speak!


I know it doesn’t qualify as it’s not a movie - Better Call Saul…new season starts next week, woohoo!!
I don’t think it’s better than Breaking Bad, but it’s awesome in it’s own right.


I gotta admit I almost climaxed several times watching the 2nd season of Fargo because of the stylistic choices in the direction. Or maybe it was because of Kirsten Dunst. Either way, anyone who is familiar with HK filmmaker Johnnie To’s crime flims will know what I’m talking about.


Fargo is great… gets better yr by yr…really bummed out HBO never kept going with True detective… I liked season b2 despite critics…I mean season one was epic…dude 1 a statue…

Any how let’s not forget Gremlins 2 and the fast & furious franchise…every yr faster and furioser


They aren’t pumping out seasons on any regular basis but a Season 3 is in the works


Rambo First Blood Part II


I don’t know man … First Blood is pretty boss


He hits a guy in the chest with an exploding tip arrow, which then explodes…

I love first blood, but part II is just better (imo). The scene where he’s being electrocuted by the Russian’s (Paraphrasing):

“We’re here, John. We’re coming to get you”
“Murdock, I’m coming to get you!”

Then he fucking wrecks everyone and frees the POWs. I’ve got a raging freedom boner just typing this.


“Do we get to win this time?”

Great script by James Cameron.


Rambo 4 is by far the best of the series.


Meh… I do like 4. I still think 2 is the better.


I’m gonna agree with this. LMAO @ Rambo vaporizing the guy with the M2.


Latest Mission Impossible movie.

For the ladies. I totally have a thing for killer ladies and motorcycle ladies.

Icing on the cake is that both of these ladies are actually talented actresses.


Expendables 2

They kill of the pretty guy early and then the grizzled old guys kick ass.
Arnie ripping off the door to a smart car is the greatest


Expendables 2 was also great because they stopped taking themselves seriously, unlike the first one.