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Movie Sequels Better Than Originals?


Yes!!! Pacino was the best ever in these movies. Then he started the whole flailing, screaming, over the top crap that is so overrated and so easy for any two bit actor to do. Gary Oldman is THE guy who still does this imo. Oldman’s performance in Tinker, Tailor etc. was Oscar worthy imo, even better than his Churchill performance that finally got him the Oscar.

p.s. are you the fellow who is ok with grammar policing?


How did Apocalypse Now screw him up?

I thought Heaven’s Gate was the movie that turned him into directing for dollars?

And Godfather 3 was THE WORST!!!




No, Heaven’s Gate was by Michael Cimino (The Deer Hunter).

Go check this out if you’re interested. He went over budget and was almost personally bankrupted because he decided to take out a loan to part finance the movie, Martin Sheen had a heart attack, Brando showed up 50lbs overweight that’s why he only shot him while playing with shadows and lighting, Dennis Hopper was high all the time…

Godfather 3 was awful from the FIRST SCENE. Not exaggerating lol. Dracula with Gary Oldman was pretty good.


Breakin’ 2


I still think the closing scene in The Last Jedi was a reference to the break dancing with the broom scene in this movie.


I simply judge all movies based upon if the titled includes “Electric Boogaloo”

It would make everything better.

“Rocky II: Electric Boogaloo”
“Terminator 2: Electric Boogaloo”
“Schindler’s List 2: Electric Boogaloo”

I’d watch ALL of those.


Hah! It was One From the Heart that nearly (essentially) bankrupted Coppola and unlike Apocalypse was most definitely NOT a success -budget of $26 million, gross of $636,796 according to Wiki LOLLLLL!!! I got confused (old man problems…) because this movie was described as “Coppola’s Heaven’s Gate” lol.

I remembered really liking Apocalypse when it came out, and always want to rewatch it, but it’s just so damn depressing…

I do, however, quote Duvall all the time: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it’s the smell of…Victory!”, and “Charlie don’t surf.” to replace “Homie don’t play that.”.

The napalm quote has to be the best one of all time, absolutely the bestest, mostest,of all time.


I’m on 2 hours of sleep and mildly dyslexic. So correct away. Haha. I know all the rules, just forget to use them on occasion.


I was asking Mr. polo lol.

Was too lazy to figure out how to excise your quote and just left it because it fit with “chilling how well Pacino used to act”!



I assume he has mistaken Mallrats for Clerks and Clerks 2 for Clerks.

Nothing else can explain @Chris_Colucci’s nomination - perhaps drugs and alcohol and lack of sleep and a knock to the head and coming off reading all of @kickassgum’s threads and all in extreme doses…

… perhaps being held hostage as well.


Dude Toy Story 2 sucked ass, was a worthless cash grab on the way to #3.

And because I’m not done yet,

Scary Movie 3 all day.


I’m pretty biased towards toy story 2 considering it’s one of the movies i grew up with and along with number one would watch all the time. I just don’t like 3 at all, could never get into it.


Ted 2?



I’m not sure what you’re referencing tbh or really what you’re asking … and Mr. Polo is my dad, it’s just polo to you


To be fair, two of those are a distinct possibility.

Clerks was groundbreaking without a doubt, but for my money, 2 had better writing and acting. Randall’s monologue at the end in the prison was fantastic. Like Loppar said though, it could also be a timing thing.


…if you tell me Teri Polo is your mom, I will be beside myself…

There was a thread that strayed into grammar policing, and I thought you might have been someone who welcomed/was ok with it. If not explicitly given the ok, I keep my “mouth” shut.

(to avoid another off topic post, I’m referencing the use of “good” vs. “well”)


I don’t get prickly about it and if it scratches your itch go right ahead - I know I’m not perfect and welcome any correction needed … always looking to improve

I can’t say I remember explicitly the thread you’re referencing…

Fair criticism lol


Godfather part II
Terminator: Judgement Day
The Collection (first movie was the collector), it’s similar to the saw films but ramps up the grotesque imagery
Friday the 13th part 6
The dark knight
Mad Max 2
Dawn of the dead
Evil Dead 2
Blade Runner 2049


That was the first Transformers.

The ones I blathered about back on my log were the newer installments.

That Scorpion thing is pretty much an Insecticon. Pretty much a Transformer that’s a weapon. That thing was Blackout’s (Decepticon) weapon lol.