Movie Sequels Better Than Originals?

Come ON man, Clerks was a way more profound, well written, and directed movie.

Also Toy Story 3 was wayyyyy better than Toy Story 2. Same goes for Cars 3 and Cars 2.

I just opened up my phone to type this.



Ooh, if we’re counting Casino Royale as bond #1, Skyfall wins. And quantum of solace sucked.

Clerks 2 captured my life at that time eerily accurate.

Well, except the fast food restaurant and the show.

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Yes. Then Fistful, then for a few dollars more … I can never really get into few dollars more. but TGTBTU is such a wonderful movie



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Damn, the more I think about it the more keep popping up.

The Dark Knight


My little dude is too big now, and I haven’t seen Cars 3 :tired_face:

The winter soldier and civil war.



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I caught Godfather on AMC the other day and was just in awe at how great it was … 2 is soo much better than 1 - might be the best movie after Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

This scene is a meme between my wife and I.
“How was your day hun?”
I slap the table: “Never ask me about my business!”

I love how he does the whole rage thing, then acts nice… and proceeds to lie to her anyway. That whole story watching him grow from nice innocent guy into the role of mob boss was great. I feel like that’s what they were going for with Walter White.

Chilling how well Pacino used to act.

It’s such a layered movie … so many moving parts and its so damn subtle. When I was watching I had a new found appreciation for Talia Shire’s character - she played the spoiled brat so damn good.

Was that the one with the dinosaurs?

Was it? … well then the one with Marky Mark is the one I meant

Shit I can’t remember! For me nothing tops the scene where they were fighting that scorpion decepticon thingy in the dessert. So I am all for the original on that one… lol

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With comic book movies alone, there are a lot of sequels that are better than the original.

Thor Ragnarok

Spider Man 2 (Toby McGuire version)

X2: X-Men United

Deadpool 2 (IMO)

Captain America: Winter Soldier & Civil War

The Dark Knight (already mentioned but bears repeating)



Francis Ford Coppola was GOD and he was actually getting BETTER with each film. I would really love to see what he could have made if Apocalypse Now hadn’t screwed him up so badly. Then he made Peggy Sue Got Married. FUCK.

I have to rewatch that movie

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I’ve watched it so many times I can probably recite most of the dialogue in the movie lol.