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Movie Sequels Better Than Originals?


It occurred to me that among my favorite films are a few sequels but not the originals. Not that the originals were bad, simply that the sequels put everything together perfectly for me (and of course the argument that a sequel doesn’t need to set up the premise again, So they can jump right in)…

Superman II

And an honorable mention of Spider-Man 2

What else am I missing?



Godfather 2

Sharknado 2


Terminator 2


Cars 2


Empire strikes back



Beyond Thunderdome = The Road Warrior. Both better than Mad Max.

Kill Bill 2 was maaaaayyyybe slightly better over all than part 1.


I liked Rocky III and IV the most.


LOTR: the Return of the King

Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom


Two HIGHLY Controversial picks.


What??? :grin:


Lethal Weapon 2 was pretty good.

I think that wraps the thread up. Good game guys.




You’re entitled to you (ludicrous) opinion … good day sir


Oh come on now! You know you loved it!


I loved it yes - is it better than Raiders? Fuck no.

Raiders is the best in the series, then Crusade, then ToD, then Chronicles of Young Indy. then that’s it. that wraps up canon as far as I’m concerned…


I thought 2 Towers was the better sequel, Return of the King was all over the place, kind of Last Jedi style. And it just… wouldn’t… end. Still good though, unlike the star wars shitshow I compared it to.

And how has no one mentioned Caddyshack 2?


I remember going to see it in theaters with my buddies. I fell asleep about half way through - woke up about 45 minutes later to about 1.5 hrs worth of movie left … it. just. wouldn’t. end.


That just meant more Aragorn for me!:yum:


Death Wish 3
Dawn of the Dead
Warlock 2
Fright Night 2
Bride of Chucky
Jason Goes to Hell
A Nighmare on Elm Street 4
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Harry Potter 4
Blade 2


Clerks 2. And not just for the donkey show.