Movie Review: No Pain, No Gain

Just got back from seeing the movie No Pain, No Gain. I wasn’t advertised, but saw that it was playing locally, so I just decided to go.

The story was about a natural bodybuilder from Ohio who decides to go to LA and train and compete in a contest.

While he is training he is working on his idea that he can develop a natural supplement that will revolutionize natural bodybuilding by inhibiting myostatin.

My 7 year old son and I were the only people in the movie - for good reason.

This was perhaps the worst movie I have seen in a long, long time. I was filled with horrible acting, and scripting, etc.

The movie was full of tired bodybuilding stereotypes and cliches. The drug using “bad guy” seemed to embody all of the stereotypes that have ever existed in bodybuilders-a 'roid rager who injects himself in the bathroon stall by jabbing the needle right through his multicolored singlet right into his thigh.

I was excited to see a bodybuilding movie hit the big screen. I was very disappointed by the movie as it seemed to give everybody who works out a bad name. Save your money if this movie comes to your town.