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movie of the week

If there was a movie of the week about your life, which actor would you want to play you?

Good question.

Maybe Harrison Ford, but he’s a bit old now since I’m still a young buck.

Willem Dafoe. Of course he’d have to add a few pounds.

Ed Harris. I am at the point where my hair is starting to thin and I think that Ed Harris is what I would like to look like in a few years time.

Michael Gross.

Anybody else think William Dafoe looks like a skinny Arnold? Something about their faces. I don’t know.

I would love to have Jennifer Garner play me. We don’t exactly look alike, but she’s so cool. Does anyone else like her?

willem dafoe is an ugly mofo.

I would get Christopher Walken, because he talks cool.

[quote]“Does anyone else like [Jennifer Garner]?”[\quote]

No, not at all. It’s not like I’d worship her like the goddess she is or anything.

Jennifer Garner is damn sexy. She can play any role. That’s what makes all the men want her.

See, I can’t even type straight when I start talking about her.

Michael Clarke Duncan.
OK, I’m not black, but he’s the only good actor who’s big enough.
Actually, I think he’s about 330 which would make him 50lbs too heavy, so i have no idea.
Cool topic.

Johnny Depp, he’s almost as wierd as I am. Definately a good actor, but a wierd dude.

The guy who used to play Doogie Howser.

I bet he’s finally reached the emotional place where I am.


I’d do the reverse, I would actually pay to be reincarnated as Peter North - One hell of a life… ;0)

DAN C is wise beyond all of our years.

Really good question…

I’d have to say Eric Bana if he put on 20 lbs…

JAREDNFS: Stop, you’ll make me blush. And my head won’t get through the door. ;p

BTW, who would YOU reincarnate into? The mighty big prison ass-whooper, so that you could call everybody bitch, rightfully? ;0) J/K

Frankie Muniz

Beetlejuice from Howard Stern