Movie Guns You Purchased

Ever buy a firearm because you saw it in a movie? Let’s hear about it.

Mine was the Beretta 92F, made famous in Lethal Weapon and Die Hard movies. It was also awarded a US military contract.


It shot like a dream, but it never felt great in my hand.

Funny thing is, if you rewatch the Lethal Weapon movies, they were full of anti-gun propaganda. Sometimes it was overt (“armor piercing cop-killer bullets”) and sometimes it was subtle, like a gun control poster behind the characters as they had a discussion.

I guess I didn’t swallow the obtuse Hollywood propaganda, because it was the first handgun I bought the day I turned 21. Yippee-ki-yay… you know the rest.

Ha ! Our Department still carries the 92D. We are mocked by other departments🙄

That’s the double-action only model, right? DAO was a big trend for while, I think in the hopes it would cut back on accidental shootings. Not sure how that worked out. Harder to be accurate for many people.

Big. Heavy. Long pull / reset.
Accurate but overall not a good choice.

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When I saw Dirty Harry I had to buy a S&W model 29, in nickel plate. Regrettably it was stolen out of my car.

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Got me when I was 18.

John Wick almost had me buy a HK P30, but talked myself out of it.


I had an Hk P30 Long Slide with the LEM trigger. Nice shooting gun, but I did not like the HK spiderman grips. Thanks to John Wick, I was able to sell it for more than I had in it.

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My father-in-law has a Beretta M92, which had a rough double action trigger, but the single action was like cheating. I purchased a Langdon Tactical 92G, which is DA/SA, decocker only. The double action trigger has been smoothed out, and the pull is under 10lbs. It’s one of my favorite pistols of all time.

Fun fact. The Beretta in Die hard is the same gun from Lethal Weapon. Supposedly they went to the prop department and said they needed a cop’s gun, and Lethal Weapon was a recent cop movie.

A friend of mine went through a phase. “I’m going to buy a bunch of stupid impractical guns.” 500 s&w , BFR 45-70, and of course the desert eagle. Would quote Snatch all the time.

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This was a sweet movie. Ed Harris killed it, too.

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My one and only movie buy, for all the westerns ever made:



Ha! Related: I think half of the old westerns were filmed on the same set.

I read an interview with a movie gun prop guy. He said the Dessert Eagle was a popular choice mainly because it showed up well on camera. I noticed it’s the choice for the new Jack Reacher series too. Although it looks like a fairly normal sized gun in that guy’s hands. I carry mine in an ankle holster. :slight_smile:

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One thing that also affects which guns are used in movies and TV shows it’s ability to reliable fire and cycle blanks. The Bren Ten used by Sonny Crockett in the first season of Miami vice was actually converted to fire .45 ACP, because there was a problem with 10mm blanks. I can’t recall if they didn’t cycle the action reliably or if they were just too much hassle to source.

So there are two custom Bren Tens in .45 ACP out there, one belongs to Michael Mann.

Edited to add pics:


Damn dude. You have my respect carrying that anywhere on your body. You go 50ae or 44mag?

I was just kidding. I’d walk with a limp… or maybe if I one on each ankle I’d build some calves?

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Lol. Yeah just switch sides everyday for symmetry.

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