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Movie Etiquette


Took my son to see the new Terminator flick today. We went to the bathroom and everything before the show began and sat quietly for the entire movie so as to enjoy it in its entirety and not disturb anyone's veiwing pleasure. I don't go to the movies often, and so everytime I do go the prices are higher and it seems that people are generally less respectful to those around them.

Although kids will always be annoying, I had to put up with adults who got up constantly to go get more shit food or whatever, a woman who brought an infant who cried periodically, and fat chicks on cell phones. People walking in front of you while you're trying to watch a movie is bad enough, but when these people are so fat that they can't hardly walk and so it takes them 10 fucking minutes for their gigantic asses to clear your field of vision, well, that just shouldn't happen. There should be some rules in place for people to follow, just like there should be in the gym.

  1. Don't bring infants into the movies. Seriously, day care or baby sitter for a few hours. You'll enjoy the movie more and so will everybody around you.

  2. Don't bring your cell phone. You don't need it, and isn't it nice that nobody can bug you for a change? I feel embarassed for people that I even have to bring this up. If there is such a pending emergency, you should be at home waiting for such a call.

  3. If you can't sit still for two hours without needing to go to the bathroom or gobbling junk food, stay home at wait for the movie to come out on video. You can rent it or download it for cheaper than a movie ticket and then you'll have a pause button. You won't miss any of the movie, and niether will anyone else waiting for your fat ass to clear their field of vission.

Feel free to add any other rules to this list. My son is 12, and he sat and watched the movie with me with more respect and courtesy than all of the adults who were in the theater. Everytime I go to a movie, I always wish half way through that I had brought with me a gas mask and some knockout gas. Just gas the damn place and let everybody piss themselves. It might smell bad, but at least I could watch the movie in peace.


It seems like all the kids that were annoying have grown into "adults" that are annoying. My wife and I have stopped going to movies. We just wait for them to come out on DVD. It's hard to watch a movie between the texting, talking, kicking, caughing, sneezing, farting, and drink spilling. I would rather just sit at my home and watch the movie.

I wouldn't mind going to a movie but the other movie goers have become so incredibly rude that I just can't stand it anymore. It's just another indicator of society as a whole. People are just getting more rude.

x2 on the cell phones. I feel like throwing mine off a bridge most of the time. I love to just turn it off and have it be peacefull and quiet. That's one of the things I enjoy about the gym, I get to lock my phone in the locker and forget about it.

This infatuation with always being able to reach someone is crazy. I lived most of my life without a cell phone and I did just fine without it. In fact I would say that people were less rude when we didn't have cell phones. You could actualy speak with people who were around you. You know, have an actual casual conversation. Now when you try to strike up a conversation most people are too busy texting, talking on the phone etc....


I will never understand people who bring crying babies to movies or bring tiny little kids to horror flicks rated R.

The fat people are just a symptom of today's society. Fat = Normal now. Anyone not having trouble seeing their johnson when they pee is obviously "bigorexic" or anorexic.

I used to avoid movies because of shit like that, but the recent run of decent flicks has caused me to return to the theater. It has been several years (before recently) that several movies came out back to back that were "movie going worthy".

Also, cell phones can be put on vibrate. Why people don't do this makes no sense to me. If this were 1985, you would be a badass for having a cell phone. Now everyone thinks having a permanent blue tooth attachment stuck to their head makes them special. It doesn't. It makes you look like a casting mistake for a movie about cyborgs made on a REALLY cheap budget.


This is why my husband and I only go to late viewings during the week. That way, there's almost no one in the theatre.


Jeez, where do you guys live? Granted, there are certain theatres I avoid because the people there tend to get plain disrespectful. There are plenty of theatres around me where I can go and not have to worry about that stuff, though. Also, if you wait until the movie has been out for a while, it helps, since it won't be packed any more after it's been out for 3 or 4 weeks.


I've noticed the same. Before I got deployed to Afghanistan...literally the night before I shipped out, I took my then girlfriend now fiance to go see some movie (it was more than a year ago...haven't been since) and there was a group of 4 or 5 kids a few rows behind us who started making fart noises and burping out loud and purposely going through their list of ringtones and acting like they were getting phone calls just to piss my girl and I off...she and I and the kids were the only ones in the theater THE ONLY OTHER PEOPLE IN THERE WERE THE KIDS!!! and I couldn't take but maybe 30 mins of it and I finally stood up and screamed "if you dont fucking cut that shit out I'm going to throw you out PERSONALLY" and they went and got their mom from another theater and she came in screaming at me threatening to sue because I violently threatened her kid and I told her basically to fuck off that her kids needed discipline and that she was a horrible mother for leaving them alone and raising them to be so disrespectful...

I'd rather just rent a Blu-Ray and watch it on my PS3 and my 40" LCD...all of which are brand new! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and have a more personal viewing with me and her snuggled up on the couch with some plain popcorn and a blanket :wink:


I don't like going to most Moscow cinemas; they're cramped, the teens are loud and disrespectful, and I fucking hate the Russian dubbing.

However, I went to a few cinemas in the states.. And all was good. Generally, I love going to the cinema, despite having a 42" HDTV at home. Even when I was in uni and we had a projector at home, we still went out often to see new movies.


That's the ticket right there.

I mean, isn't that half the idea of having a nice home entertainment system?

I hardly ever visit the cinema's anymore because of the reasons mentioned above; it's ridiculously expensive (£12 a ticket or so) and last time I went (The Dark Knight, I believe), first I had some guy propose to his girlfriend before the movie which carried on a bit and then I had some woman playing with her overly bright phone 2 seats over.

I will still make exceptions for the big-time movies worth seeing, but there will always be idiots that are inconsiderate.


I can agree with all points except for a bathroom break - sometimes going to town on an ICEE can catch up with you over the course of a longer movie. And there are few things more uncomfortable than trying to hold in a piss for an extended period... I figure 8 seconds (round trip) of someone having to pull their legs in while I slip by is a more acceptable alternative than wasting the rest of a movie thinking about the pain in my crotch.

I really don't think it's that big of a deal, but then I hate sitting in theater seats for hours on end so any excuse to shift around to get the circulation going is a welcome break. Maybe I'd change my tune if I had a 300-pounder trying to waddle his way past me for several trips (I'd never consider doing it more than once), but you never know.


HEY....what do you have against 300lb'ers?

I agree on the piss taking issue. If you gotta go, you gotta go. Who wants to sit through a nude scene with Jessica Biel thinking about toilets?


Alamo Draft House FTW

burgers, chips and queso, pizzas and beer AND there is extra room for other people to get out AND kids generally don't come with mom and dad since it ends up being a date night for them.

The beer selection is pretty good too. (did I mention beer?) The restroom break is pretty much a given, fortunately to make room for servers and tables, there is also ample room to get in and out of your seat.


lol honestly...I don't care...

my little brother takes movies seriously tho...he watches them in the morning only...with the other weirdos...

I asked him what kind of people go in the morning, and he replied "serious dudes"...he told me before he went to see his movie he saw some dude wearing elbow pads and armor made out of cardboard punch some other dude in the nuts wearing elbow pads and a helmet made out of tinfoil....


Nothing against all 300-pounders, just (usually) the ones who have to waddle to get by me.

Now, if Big Ron had to slip by me during a movie I'd be too busy trying not to get knocked out by his biceps to be worried about missing a few seconds of screen time.

And if Jessica Biel was going to get nude on screen, I'd rather piss in a cup than leave the theater and risk missing it. Shit, I'd probably do it just so I can clear my head to remember the experience better.

I've never been to a morning showing, though I DID attended the midnight premiere of Snakes on a Plane (hey, Sammy J. guaranteed it was going to be a good movie)... and, yeah, you'd be surprised at how seriously some people take their movies.


Then I guess I'm a wierdo. Nothing beats a late breakfast and strolling over to the theater for the 11:00 matinee. People with kids usually aren't squared away quick enough to make the theater that early and even the new releases aren't packed to the gills with people. Since I'm at the age where having people over on a Friday or Saturday and cooking out is more attractive than battling crowds at theaters and clubs, this works great for me.


wait...what? lol


I honestly like going to certain movies alone. If its the type of movie where its engaging or serious,Id go to a Sunday Afternoon showing. Ive seen some pretty hot chicks that go alone as well.


I brought my kids to the drive-in the other night. $20 for the car load. We saw "Up" and "Night at the Museum II". Brought my own food and beer. Sat on my own lawn chair. Peed in the woods. Life is good. BTW, Up was good. NATM II sucked.


I'd say I take my movies fairly seriously and have been to a 10am movie before - it was mainly senior citizens(the last james bond movie)...I really don't care what happens during the previews as I've generally seen them at least a dozen times(I'm pretty sure I've seen over 30 movies this year). Toilet break is inevitable, I generally go for a seat as close to the aisle as possible so I don't disturb people. But the phone going off in the middle of the cinema shits me, I don't care if people WHISPER as long as its not a quiet movie or a quiet part where the person is saying something that is supposed to tie the whole movie togethor.

Earlier this year I went to a movie premier and half way through the movie(tiny room held like 20 people) a guy kicks the door open with a chainsaw on(how rude!), I'm assuming they did this for shits and giggles as the movie was ass(some australian horror film, who's main actor is a kylie minogue wannabe who didn't even attend her own premier)


Meh, what people do in the cinema really dosen't bother me all that much. But I had a teacher last year who walked out of a movie because of ''the noise from the sweet wrappers, it was ridiculous''. I thought that was a bit crazy in itself but then she actually went to the ticket desk and demended her money back because of it(she didn't get it, unsuprisingly)

I do love when you and your friends are the only people in the screen though.


Agreed on FTW.....their theaters are an example of what hospitality and movie experience should be.

Improving movie quality in ways of new 3D,digital technology, and surround sound is great....BUT it pales in comparison to theaters that cater to making going to the movies an experience.

"Upscale" theaters are starting to catch on.....albeit,they are expensive! But for the more upscale service and experience...it would be worth it,imo.