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Movie Emasculation, Gayness


I have a small rant:

Has anyone noticed how mainstream movies now have a high content of male nudity and homosexuality?

I am sick and TIRED of renting movies that have exclusive male nudity, and constant homosexual content. I move we rally the industry to include these warnings in addition to existing ones so we can be forewarned of assulting content in these trendy forms.

I can't watch a movie anymore without male ass being shown or focused on. Why don't we ever get to see a good rack or female body anymore in movies? It all seems to have to be male nudity....especially comedies....and when there is nudity, it's exclusively male.

Additionally they can't actually make a comedy anymore without something gay attached to it. Most every damn comedy gets gay somehow. I don't know about you, but I see a rapid advancement of gay in the movies now that did not exist 10 years ago.

I recently watched Pineapple express. I was having a good time right up to the point one guy said to the other guy...."Dude, I want to feel myself inside you". What about the Quizno commercials that were toned down....The footlong Torpedo. The toaster oven tells the sandwhich maker... "Put it in me Todd.....I'm waiting for it". No way would that commercial have flown if it was a female toaster oven....god forbid that....but it's fine it it's 2 guys.

It used to be that the Female was the nude shot, and the men did not need to get gay in order to deliver a good joke. What is up with this crap???



Quit renting/watching gay porn.



I honestly haven't seen too much male ass in movies. Also, the gay guy in True Blood may be one of the more interesting characters on the show based on how he is written. To my knowledge, male frontal nudity is still not allowed.

I can agree that men in movies (in general) seemed to have lost all testosterone for a while...but if anything I have actually seen a slight improvement there lately.



I, too, don't recall seeing very many naked dudes in movies (Forgetting Sarah Marshall being the most notable exception).

You said you were watching Pineapple Express and were having a good time "up to the point...". Did you let one line ruin the movie for you? And, if so, what's your deal that you can't phase out a fucking joke? No movie has a 100% hit rate on it's jokes for every audience member.

I gotta ask: what movies have you been renting that you feel overwhelmed by homosexual comedy?


Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as funny as it was, is the worst offender. We get a full load of the guy and the blonde is so fucking fine and she has like 2 sex scenes where you see nothing.


I find gay people funny.


I dunno, but you're really cute in those sunglasses & testosterone shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:


lafayette is definitely a badass.

and concerning OPs...concerns... just saw gran torino and im going to see Vicky christina today which i hear aton sugar fucks scarlette jo and penelope cruz.. at the same time...:X.. so cant agree today.


intolerant hater.

insecure with own sexuality.

some worthless female might find the male on the screen better looking than you.


Every time I drive by Quiznos, I have vile images of where those Foot Long Torpedos have been, and where they're going.


Sideways. HAHA i I love that movie. ANyways, I don't see why you're offended. It's not that big of a deal. I too find gays funny. Gay jokes are in now sweetie.


The hangover had straight up pornographic content in it.
Little gay asian dude full frontal and the end a picture of a chick holding one dude's junk through his fly with his cock showing.

How the fuck does that not get an NC-17 rating is beyond me.


I love this show.


For the record, I found the Borat wrestling match to be a little too much.

Not enough to rant online, but enough to consider it excessive.


Hollywood is attacking the family. It promotes homosexuality and even hetero men behave like homosexuals --- no commitment, no family, sex w/o love, anonymous sexual encounters. Just like Rome fell when all that was left was a bunch of little dwarf perverts to defend Rome, we seem headed down a path of low grunting creatures who whole existence revolves around value-less pleasure.


agree, hilarious...but then it kept going.


There are three times in my life where I nearly shit myself and fell out of my char laughing.

This scene was one of them, one is the waxing scene in the 40 yr old virgin, and the third is in gold member where mini me tries to take the box of chocolate from scott.

Ahhh good times.


hahaha I think the funniest part of that whole thing was the editing around Borat's dick. They blacked out like 2 feet of space lol.


I heard gay people have no soul, is that true?


Dude agreed! Me and my wife had rented Borat and right before that scene I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. As I came back into the living room, I first saw her in total laughing hysteria and was mystified as I'd never seen her laugh that hard. My gaze then averted to the source of her hysterics and upon seeing the scene play out on the screen I to was overcome with a mixture of being mortified but overcome by un-restrainable laughter as well. That was freaking hilarious.

Mini Me also caused me to lose it in the scene where he fights Austin Powers in the space station.