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Movie: District-9


Go see it. Im no Ebert or whoever the fuck but it was was fucking awesome movie. REALLY good.

The main char is a bit of a douchebag whom really doesn't grow on you by any means, but the effects are spectacular AND there is a fucking awesome story to back it up, something you don't see in too many movies anymore.

Weapons = Pwnage.

Mechwarrior suit = Das Shit.

Interesting location too, really different alien movie in most every respect.


Agreed, just got back from seeing it. This movie was fucking amazing. Actually, the character grew on me when he started going apeshit. You know what I'm talking about. :slightly_smiling: One thing I wanted was more closure, it ended too abruptly for me. That leaves room for a sequel of course but fuck that.


Yeah, you never really start to like the main character too much though,.. I mean, sure he has his little moment of 'revelation', but by that point, I already thought he was such an ass that it didn't really change my view. Still, even if you're not one for social commentary, definitely one of the more creative, and well done films I have seen in a long while.



I had planned on seeing this last night...but my wife was draggin' ass and ended up seeing The Goods:Live Hard,Sell Hard. It was alright...but I really wasn't in the mood for laughing. Will catch it today,hopefully.


There was some cool stuff, but I don't think I could sit through it ever again. Overall very disappointing.


meh..you say that about everything.


You beat me to it. I really didn't like the main character at all, but the movie as a whole was decent.


great flick, i liked the documentary style at the beginning and end and by the looks of it there will be a sequal called district 10. None the less it was entertaining and very clever in that it took place in johanesburg in order to draw parallels between the way aliens were treated and the way blacks were treated during the apartheid. A different take on racism and human nature. I give it 10 bench presses.


I thought the movie was awesome. I thought the actor who played the main character did a great job. I think the point is that you aren't supposed to really like him, he's a little silly and he's kind of forced into this immense role and is forced to grow up on the spot. Kind of like a more dynamic version of Prez from The Wire in some ways.

Very different from what I was expecting, but excellent nonetheless and I would have no problem seeing it again.


I actually really liked the movie, but I feel they could have done a better job with the character development of Christopher, as I feel it would have been an interesting contrast to the main character. I found the social commentary to be spot on for the most part, in so far as it was in the movie without overwhelming the plot. I agree with PB Andy about wanting some more closure, I was actually hoping for Peter Jackson to take his usual route (ala LOTR) and include the logical next step for the sequel, but I suppose I can wait.

EDIT: Just saw the post above mine and absolutely agree about the main character. I think he's just some poor sob who is given too much responsibility because of his connections and suffers at the hands of fate due to it. I saw him as more of a pitiable figure than anything else. I feel he was also supposed to show the best (aka love for his wife, general attempts to do "good") and worst (selfishness, fear, prejudice) in all of us.


The commercials (and previews) made this look like one of the most retarded movies ever made. I may have to rethink after this thread, though there really isn't much competition at the box office right now.

Anyone else notice that the overall quality of movies started to decline as Hollywood got more and more politically vocal? Wish they would STFU and go back to making some decent flicks.


I dunno man; just in the past year:

Dark Knight
Tropic Thunder
Pineapple Express
Vicky Christina
Zach and Miri
Role Models
Quantum of Solace
Gran Torino
The Wrestler
7 Pounds
Benjamin Button
The Unborn
Underworld 3
Last House on the Left
The Soloist
Star Trek
Angels and Demons
Terminator: Salvation
The Girlfriend Experience
Taking of Pelham 123
Transformers 2
District 9

All movies that to me ranged somewhere from decent to excellent. So in about 12 months, that's 26 movies that were, in my opinion, worthy of a trip to the movies for. A few of these I didn't see in theaters but there's a few other ones that other people liked that I didn't see yet, so it balances. Just take Dark Knight, Gran Torino, 7 Pounds, Taken, Watchmen, Angels and Demons and District 9. That's 7 movies in the past year that the vast majority of people I know loved. So, essentially every two months you're getting 3 decent movies plus one excellent one. I think that's pretty good.



Dude, we are not talking about your sex life.

District-9 was a very original sci fi, I liked it alot. The main character is a douche, but he redeemed himself. He was just an ordinary guy. I recommend it.


i thought pineapple express was garbage


Dude, were not talking about your love life.

District 9 was a very original movie, I really liked it. The main character was lame, but he redeemed himself, what do you expect, he was just an ordinary guy.


what exactly do you mean by that?


You're just proving my point. Our standards are so low now that "The Unborn," "Zach and Miri," "Hancock," etc. are considered "decent" to "excellent." We've become totally desensitized to absolute shit, so that anything with even a whiff of quality seems like the greatest thing ever.

From your list, the only movies that I would consider better than mediocre are:

Dark Knight
Gran Torino
The Wrestler
Benjamin Button

Of those, only The Wrestler, Valkyrie, and Benjamin Button could be considered excellent. The rest of the movies you listed range from total garbage to "meh." Think back to the 90s when they were churing out fewer movies, but of much higher quality: Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, Falling Down, My Cousin Vinny, The Fugitive . . . Now those were movies! Today it's all about special effects, shock factor, and putting in a big-name actor. Fucking ridiculous.


That it seems like the quality of product from Hollywood is inversely proportional to the amount of vocal, political activity that Hollywood personalities are engaging in. With few exceptions, it seems like Hollywood went to complete shit circa 2002-2003. That's not to say that some good movies haven't come out since then, because they have. But there seems to be a lot more chaff and a lot less wheat, if you catch my drift.


Well, I suppose in the interest of not totally highjacking this thread, we'll have to agree to disagree. Of those movies you cite, I think Pulp Fiction is incredibly overrated but still a "very good" movie, The Big Lebowski is certainly good, I've never seen Falling Down (but marking to download), The Fugitive is badass and honestly I think My Cousin Vinny would not even make the top 15 of movies I just listed.

But that's personal taste. I think it seems that movies are generally marketed toward a younger audience and I'm 22, so it makes sense that I like the movies of today better. In 20 years, I'll be complaining about the, "garbage of today" and pining for the good old days of 2007. That's the way it works I guess.


Really dident like it that much.