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movie: boat trip

Who else has seen this movie? I had no idea what it was; only herd Cuba Gooding Jr was in it. Some scenes were a bit too much, but over all it was funny. I thought the sun tan lotion scene was the best. lol


this is why morg is an asshole.

to ass tumor

I have an idea morg. Every time you think of spending five minutes posting one of these dumb pictures, instead leave mommy’s basement and go talk to a girl. Might cure that virginity problem you’re always whining about.

i think davo’s jealous of my photos.

besides, it doesn’t take 5 minutes. it takes like 1 or 2 MAX.

and i don’t whine about the virginity thing. i guess people can’t tell when i’m just kidding and having fun. the no girlfriend thing, however, does bug me, and i will try to take your advice when i can.

i heard colin tulip had a cameo in that movie, he was the one only wearing chaps.lol

I get a kick out of your pics, Morg. Keep on postin’!

mdog, get a kick out of this one?

i didn’t ha, just f’in

ben nah, you got something against peewee?

I look at forums as a means of eduction and entertainment. Morgs pictures are entertaining.

I think if the politically correct crowd could just lighten up a bit they would see the entertainment value.

It would be an awfully dull world boys if we were all alike!