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Moves To Release Hip Flexors?

Can you share some tips, drills or your routine to release stubborn hip flexors and hammies so that to enter faster in the main workout than wasting more time in the warm up sets to actually feel the muscle?

Dang girl, if I was out in Cyprus I’d gladly help you loosen those hip flexors :smirk:

Share tiiiiiiips :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
What you do usually pre-squat??

Get a massage therapist to dig in their with their hands on a rest day

Frequently kneel and stretch. Stand as often as you can at work.

First of all, you would be better off stretching and releasing whatever muscles further away from your workout. You don’t want to do a whole lot of stretching before training because you need to be tight in the right places, and with hip flexors in particular you don’t want them to be inhibited when you squat because you need them to pull you down into the hole.

I have had issues with my hip flexors for a long time, in recent times it has improved. What I do is every day half-kneeling hip flexor stretch (look it up) and squeeze your glute on the side being stretched while you do this. I do 2x20seconds each side but if yours are tight then maybe 3-5x is better. However, you don’t want to hyperextend your hips (beyond lined up with your torso) because this will stretch the hip capsule which can lead to other issues and also if you stretch your hip flexors too hard they can tighten up more afterwards. I know from experience.

For releasing them, I have this thing called Thera Cane which is a massage stick. Lay on your back, might work better with your feet up, and dig it in to the area inside your hip bone. This will take some practice, and be careful because there are also organs in the area that don’t need any releasing.

For hamstrings I lay on my back, one leg flat on the floor and the other one I pput a band over my ankle and use that to pull it back. If you don’t have a band you could use a belt, rope, whatever. 20-30 seconds a few times each leg.

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Thank you so much @chris_ottawa everything is so helpful!!!
I’ll try what you mention!
Do you think that adding a long band to the half kneeling exercise(to drag you back so you can use force to go to the front)you mention, will do good too or just stick to bw?
Have you ever used also foam roll for this spot?

No, I would not use a band for that. You want to fully extend your hip while squeezing the glute, there is no use for a band. There is other similar stuff done with a band called “distraction” which is meant to stretch the hip capsule but unless you have hip impingement or something like that it’s not going to help anything.

A foam roller won’t work because the hip flexors (psoas is the main one to worry about) are not right at the surface, you need to dig into the area. You could use your fingers but it’s hard on the fingers so it’s better to use some sort of object, if you don’t have any sort of massage stick then you could try a screwdriver handle or something like that. You just need some sort of small blunt object.

What exactly is the issue that you are having anyway?

Gotcha! @chris_ottawa

Well, I needed to travel for some days so I took a break cause I couldn’t go anyway, from the gym and when I tried the come back, I try to squat, deadlift etc and in the starting sets I feel all the wrong muscles fire up (I do warm up and stretching before actually start the main lifts) actually absorbing the pump from the right ones, so it takes me more time than usual, only managing to feel right after some “wrong” sets.

I find it’s better to do mobility work further away from training, like the day before or if you train in the evening then do it in the morning. If I do a bunch of stuff right before lifting then sometimes it feels worse. The only sort of stretch I do before lifting is goblet squat stretches because I have tight hips and otherwise sometimes I have problems hitting depth, I do a couple of those and then start squatting.

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I did today the drill you told me and I already feel much better, I’ll see tomorrow for good, but thanks anyway!!

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Here’s basically the same thing in a video: