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Movements Around Lumbar Spine?

Mike expressed in his last article that it would be wise to prevent movement around the lumbar spine. Now I am confused. What movements does this entail? I hear some of these movements that should be prevented are in his Magnificent Mobility DVD. Can someone refer me to a link where this has been discussed already?

Appreciate it


I feel this is discussed a lot, search for the “lumbar stability” thread.

Specific exercises that you pretty much don’t ever want to do unless it is VERY specific to your sport:

hyperextended back raises
russian twist/machine twist exercises
back xt machine
round back stiff leg deadlifts

Keep your lower back in a neutral position, move at the hips and thoracic spine.

Ahh, I guess I already knew that. What about bent knee twists, pretzel twist, lying 90/90s, and lying leg twist. All these are in the dynamic stretches from magnificent mobility. All these twist around the lumbar spine (I think). Should these not be done???

yeah skip stuff like that IMO.

Those have been commented on before by EC. Search for the discussion- I can’t recall its location :frowning:

If you want my opinion then I’ll just say that if you can do the exercises you described without excessive lumbar movement (little-to-none), then they may be an okay choice.

The issue is that many of those drills can reinforce faulty movement patterns and favor mobility at the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine benefits largely from stability, so you can see the problem with those drills.

There is no all-in-one answer; it depends on your capabilities and training level.

Thanks for the help guys. Does anyone know where I might be able to find out where Eric Cressey talked about these movements?